Blogyear in Review

AKA: What a year it’s been!

I’ve seen this meme a few places, but I think I saw it first at Knitorious. . . . A retrospective of the year as seen through the first lines of the first posts of each month.

Since I only started blogging in April of this year, the Blogyear is less than a full year.  But still, today’s a good time to look back through the retrospectoscope (not as far back as the WABAC machine).  And given my addiction to footnotes and parenthetical remarks, I’m adding a comment to each post, from my so-much-older-and-wiser perspective of today.


What Lies Within. 


It is always a wonder and mystery to me, how a skein of handpainted yarn will knit up.

Still is. 


Tropical Twist


Sounds like an umbrella drink, but it’s not.

 I like how this felted bag turned out.  I calculated the stitch count to make the spirals happen in the hand-dyed yarn.  I sold it this fall to raise money for the Nutcracker Ballet, and two of my acquaintances politely fought over it as they both wanted it; quite a compliment!


I Have Strange Children (They Probably Get It From Their Mother)



No real knitting content today — the Pink Fuzzy continues to frustrate me by its ability to slo-mo my progress.

The Pink Fuzzy Cardigan took a long time — slippery little stitches of kid mohair/silk.  I think the Harmony needles would be great for this kind of yarn, now.  Pink Fuzzy eventually was completed and given to the graduating senior it was destined for, and turned out pretty well, except I think I could have made the sleeves narrower (i.e. probably the yoke shallower).  I sent a pic to the pattern designer, Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure and Simple, and she posted it in her gallery, and sent me a free pattern; how cool is that? 

The title of the post of course refers to my daughters, whose version of putting make-up on a Barbie Styling Head is featured above.  The younger one, the Gothlet, says that Barbies ARE scary.


Sunny Sunday


Not a lot of knitting progress to show today — so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow!

Posted in the Black Hole stages of MS3 (oops, still not done to this day) and Ribbi Shell (likewise oops).  (Both will be returned to, however!  They’re both fine projects, just pushed off the list by more urgent things.) So some pretty flower pictures for distraction.


A Short Chapter of the Epic: Quatre jours en Montréal, troisième

Short post for two reasons:

1) we spent much of the day in le Musée des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Museum), where you are not allowed to take pictures, and

2) my camera battery charger got unplugged so I had no charged battery!


If you like travel or like Montréal, the late July and early August posts have some great pictures!  Not so much this post, though, as noted.  But the above photo from this day’s post, is the most discreet Hard Rock Café I have ever seen.


And They’re Off!

First, an early morning Saturday Sky; usually there’s a bluff in the picture, but today there’s rather a lot of fog in the way:

Off to a very fun Twin Cities Renaissance/State Fair/KNITTING weekend, chronicled in a later post!


Sock-Tober First

There’s a sock contest going on at Quiddity:

The third annual Show Your Socks Contest, in fact!


The sock on the right was one of the pair of the first socks I ever started (two at a time, toe up) — but didn’t finish.  The left sock is the first one I completed.  I went on to finish the right sock and its mate later in the month of Sock-Tober.  Hooray for a UFO -> FO conversion!


Friday Eye Candy

Here’s your Eye Candy for today!

Hee, hee!
(Almost as amusing, the candy was handed out to her by her ophthalmologist grandpa!)

What more can I say?  Except that the eyeball candy was foil-wrapped chocolate, and pretty tasty.  We collectively ate a lot of eyeballs that week.


Saturday Sky with Christmas Tree

Looking out the window at work today:


Saturday Sky with Christmas Tree and Crane!

Rather self-explanatory, except for the actual reason that there is a Christmas tree in the sky!  Which is hard to explain, so I’m not even going to try.


Happy New Year, everyone!  Thanks for reading (and commenting, and sharing your friendship) in 2007.  Here’s to 2008!

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  1. That was fun! It reminds me of why I added your blog to my bloglines 🙂

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