What a Week!

Holidays are fun but exhausting, not?

Since this time last week, there was marathon knitting, wrapping, cooking, and eating. In between all that, a few other fun activities occurred as well:


Killer games of “Sorry!”

A trip to the community golf course at dusk

for a little sledding



(Don’t worry, she didn’t wipe out, she just chose to tip over, being completely exhausted from carrying the foam sled.)

It was a beautiful night.


I had planned to do a little cross-country skiing while the Gothlet went sledding. But I had gotten new skis some years ago, and never (apparently) used them due to lack of snow and some intervening health problems. My prior skis were from junior high and so gouged (from skiing on not enough snow, probably!) that they were more like snowshoes. But — at least I could get those boots in the old-fashioned 3-pin bindings! I tried for 15 minutes to get my boot in the new-fangled bindings, and finally gave up as it was getting dark.

Okay, I’ve Googled now, and think I have figured it out. I’ll practice at home this time, before going anywhere. But hopefully, New Year’s Day when I have time off, I can try this again….because we actually have enough snow, and it’s not below zero!

On the way home, we saw a somewhat startling sight (but this is Wisconsin, so I shouldn’t have been surprised):


Another view, just for Vicki:


So, besides that, what else happened?
Sculpey was sculpted by the Gothlet into a Chinese dragon.


Trinity the corn snake got a Christmas mouse (a merry Christmouse?) to eat; here she is, impersonating Hathor, as apparently she is a pagan:


Thursday I had the Second Annual Post-Holiday Knitting Get-Together at my house, but regret to say I only pulled my camera out late in the proceedings, after some had had to leave, to snap a few not-so-great pictures; but here are thumbnails.


It was a lot of fun; good wine, good company and good knitting!

Speaking of knitting, some of that happened this week also.

The Preteen snuck a picture of me knitting Christmas Day night:


I don’t know what was so funny.

I worked on re-knitting my brother’s fingerless mitt, that had encountered bad pooling:


With alternating two different strands of yarn, the pooling was kept under control; I like it much better than this: flashing.jpg

And I started (and have almost finished) this:



“We Call Them Pirates” hat by Hello Yarn, free pattern. I’m modifying this for the Gothlet, knitting it in Dalegarn Baby Ull. I should have it finished tomorrow.

More snow fell, off and on all week:


and yesterday, coming out of yet another gray Saturday Sky:



Apparently the van was happy, though:


And my little Saturn was REALLY happy!


Hope you had a happy week too!

5 responses to “What a Week!

  1. Hahaha, I love the Packer guy — I’ve seen a few around here, too. I REALLY love your happy vehicles!!
    ; )

  2. I love the pirate hat. That’s on my list of things to do.

  3. The blow up Packer is a hoot… and love the photo of your snake.

  4. We all missed you a great deal on Saturday! I didn’t have your # programmed into my cell– and by 1:30 Marge & I gave up & joined the others at the Indian grocery store.

    Ahh, well. Looking forward to seeing you in February!

  5. What great pictures! I love that knitters everywhere are so often pictured with a glass of wine in one hand and a bag of yarn, etc. at their feet. Plus, the falling snowflakes all over the page are soooooo cool!

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