Christmas Eve Eve

Much to do, but I’m not stressing.

(Too much, anyway. Of course, maybe I should be. I think I am just learning to embrace my inner procrastinator, though.)

Today was a snow day; we needed to clean anyway, so cleaning and laundry were punctuated by shoveling.


By the way, that would be my car — on the far left. Yep, the one under the snow. It snowed at least another few inches after this, and it’s still snowing off and on. And blowing and drifting. I think we got about a foot, but it’s hard to tell since the drifts are deeper. Winter in the Midwest! At least it’s not too cold.

[Oops, I think I have just karmically invoked a cold spell soon. Sorry, fellow Heartlanders.]

[Another parenthetical remark — do I have any other kind? — “Heartland”, though corny as well as vaguely irritating to me, is still better than being referred to as the “midsection of the country”. Don’t you just hate that? Makes me feel like Flabby Abs. Or maybe I’m just projecting.]

Anyway. . . .

Here’s the finished felted Green Spiral bag, post-blocking and drying (yep, Jeanne, love those radiators! I really do. Good for wet mittens and socks as well as felted bags….):

felted-bag-with-foot-for-scale.jpg Compare to pre-felting: bag-ready-to-felt.jpg

Same number of floorboards, so the scale should be about the same. Notice the festive blogger sock in the first picture. No, no one except some machine knit it.

I decided to double the I-cord straps for extra sturdiness, and made them shorter so the bag could tuck under an arm:


If I had had more time and know-how, I would have put a stiffener in the bottom. The last felted bag I made was not as deep, and it kept its shape. For this one, the broader base gave it more room but less squareness despite aggressive blocking. Ah well, always room for improvement.

By the way, as I took the big books out this morning that I used to block the bag, I had to laugh; they were such a telling microcosm of our household.

The four books were:

  1. The Complete Garden Guide
  2. The Pythons Autobiography by The Pythons
  3. The History of the American Guitar
  4. Color Atlas of Human Anatomy

Nothing if not eclectic, that’s us. (Technically, two books are mine, one’s the husband’s and one’s ‘ours’. But I have read them all.)

I need to work tomorrow morning (but anticipate being able to do a bit of knitting at work, enough to finish a Preteen project plus hopefully a bit more). Then, Christmas will be what it will be, whether I’m ready or not. My brother and his wife, and my brother-in-law and his wife, made it down safely from the Twin Cities despite the storm (& intermittent highway white-out conditions); that’s the most important thing. By the time they leave Wednesday, all should be settled down.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with family, eating wonderful things, and exchanging gifts. I don’t need anything (though I did ask for some knitting books), but I love seeing people open their presents. And, of course, we might watch a few classics on TV:


(TV Screenshot a la Crazy Aunt Purl.)

Do you know I’ve never seen “A Christmas Story“? Maybe this will be the year.

So, since I can’t knit and type at the same time (must look into that speech recognition technology), I suspect I’ll be blogging post-holidays, at which time I hope to catch up on email too. (I did take the day after Christmas off, too; that sounds like heaven right now, and I have not been able to take any time off beyond the holiday itself, and the afternoon of Christmas Eve, for the last 8 years. Thus I am very excited about that one day!) (Wanna bet that the Preteen will ask me to take her to the mall? I can think of better ways to spend my day off, from my point of view. Knitting; staying inside and drinking tea; reading; seeing family before they go home. Catching up with you all. Yep. No mall for me Wednesday.)

So Happy Holidays to all of you! I hope you are all surrounded by the warmth of loved ones, now and always.


5 responses to “Christmas Eve Eve

  1. Your house is so photogenic! (Well, *I* think so.)

    A Merry Christmas to you and yours, Cathy-Cate.

    -Deborah in Flagstaff, AZ, also under snow.

  2. Hello, Cathy-Cate – I’m so excited that I stumbled upon a fellow Wisconsinite/knitter/mom of two girls/blogger! I’m guessing you are farther north/west because we didn’t get the huge snow yesterday in Milwaukee.

    I’ll be visiting regularly now that I found you. Love your booga (I’m making a green one, as well, but not so large – need to get it done during my vacation).

  3. Rain then snow made for a wicked mix here on Saturday. Drive carefully this holiday. Roads are still slick.

    Have a great holiday the extended family. Find some time to take a day or five off for a mixture of reading/knitting/relaxation/hot chocolate/tea! 🙂

  4. The bag is fabulous, it sounds like you’ve got a lovely gathering of family in store, and all is well with the world. Have a beautiful White Christmas!


  5. Heh, just substitute Greenberg’s Complete History of Lionel Trains for the guitar book, and those could be ours 😉 Our driveway just got plowed so I’m off to the post office. Merry merry to y’all!

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