Icicle Time

I should be doing at least seventeen other things, sleep being prominent on the list, but I had to show you what came in the mail last night:


I don’t often take yarn pictures in the dark, but I simply had to this time. (Serves me right that the picture’s blurry, since my camera, like most digital cameras, has trouble focusing in the dark.)

This yarn is so wonderful! And such a perfect melding of base yarn to colorway; and Icicle is the perfect name for it! Tencel is not a favorite of mine generally, but the merino/tencel blend of this yarn gives it such a lustrous luminescence that sets off the colors beautifully.

What to knit? I must ponder. After Christmas, that is. No time for pondering now.

Speaking of icicles, I had the same Christmas icicle lights up for the last three years. I mean, the SAME. For the entire LAST three years. As in, I never took them down. OK, I’m a twinkie. (I didn’t have them plugged in, fear not.)

But this year, they were progressively giving up the ghost.


Is that pathetic, or what? (Actually, after the above picture, half of the above lights went out. And they used to have colors. How pathetic can you get, really?)

So the Preteen and I (she volunteered! though she changed her mind halfway through and I forced her to keep going) took down the old and put up the new. See how nice?


This time, though, I tied the light strings on with acrylic yarn rather than the bulletproof plastic locking ties my husband had me use last time (which take hedge shears or something similar to get off, I swear). Should make it easier to take the lights down in fewer than three years this time.

We’ll see.

8 responses to “Icicle Time

  1. Gorgeous yarn!

    Your new lights are pretty, and even your old lights were not nearly as bad as my aunt’s. She has enough vines growing on her house that the only place she can hang any lights is right above the door, so her lights only go for about four feet. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s short, and tall people who visit run the risk of getting caught in them.

  2. Great job on the new lights. I agree about the yarn; I got mine, too, and couldn’t stop looking at it. The colors are truly wonderful.

  3. Nice lights! I figure, when the lights stay up until May or June, might as well leave them up, as it’s only another 5 or 6 months until you want to put them up again! Lovely porches…I can imagine the wild frat parties out there.

  4. The acrylic will probably last just as long!

    Catch up on sleep and have a great holiday with friends and family. 🙂

  5. mmmmmmm, sleeeeeep. Sounds like a great idea just about now. The new colorful lights look great!

  6. The new lights look good. I love your new yarn. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  7. I love your house, with or without lights. Especially with the lights, though — good work!

  8. Gorgeous yarn – wow. Very pretty lights!

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