We’re having a heat wave!



Visible Street! and Liquid Water!

(Not for much longer, admittedly:)


Yes, it got up to the freezing (or melting) mark today, which is a warm day when you’ve already acclimated to winter (long before the official start of winter, of course, but we’re used to that). But I didn’t leave work as early as I hoped; it was early-ish, about 4:25 pm, but this time of year, at this latitude in the Northern Hemisphere, sunset is . . . 4:29 pm.

I rushed home by the light of an afternoon moon moon-in-the-afternoon.jpg to take knitting pictures, because I promised I would. Though my camera battery was running low, I do have a couple things for show and tell.

This is the former mutant paramecium scarf .


I’m going to fringe-ify it a bit more, and then it’s a present for a gift exchange at work tomorrow.

And here are the black fingerless mitts, now kept safely away from the scissors:


And a new fingerless mitt for someone else (you see, I am constrained by what I can knit in front of certain people, so need multiple projects so that I can knit at all possible times) :


And a new WIP since last weekend, a felted bag-to-be, commissioned by an acquaintance for her daughter.


I overdyed the yarn dark green in one area, and engineered the size of the bag, specifically to get the dark green spirals going up the side. I think I’m going to wish I had more yarn, though. Hmm. We will soon see.

And I forgot to take a picture of the Pioneer Braid Scarf, to finish which I did splice in a few more yards of yarn from a second skein of Twisted yarn (Duchess yarn in the Rodney colorway).  There, I think that accounts for all my WIPs from last week, plus some, other than the “mutant elf Ravelry cap”, which will wait until after the holidays (though I started playing around with my idea for it, with the second skein of the yarn I used for the Pioneer Braid Scarf.  Not that I should be experimenting with it right now. . . .too much to do. . .)

Ah, well, the panic hasn’t set in.  At least I don’t work this weekend!  And I’d hate to break the tradition of wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, after all.  Ha.

Obnoxious runny nose head cold happening (I think I got it from Lisa — you know how nasty those computer viruses can be!), my work colleague off all week from today, Church stuff (and ‘liturgical’ knitting group!) tomorrow night, choir concert Thursday night, and stealth knitting to do; so look for me around Friday, perhaps!  One can only hope.

5 responses to “We’re having a heat wave!

  1. I know, I went for a walk on my lunch break! I almost feel like I don’t need a coat after that week of 0s!

  2. Our sunset is at 4:12 today, compounded by the fact that we are in a river vally with hills to the southwest so it actually starts getting dark much earlier. So of course I drive both ways to work/home in the dark.

  3. Blogger must be having a bad day.I hate when than happens.

    Thanks so much for the info–I rinsed the yarn in a citric acid solution and it seemed to stabilize.

    I am highly allergic to ammonia, something I discovered the first time I tried to clean an oven many years ago and had to be taken to the emergency room. Stopped breathing. I, ah, bought a self-cleaning oven right afterwards.

    I am happy someone else tried the Sartjee’s seamless…I usually write down what I do. I can always cross it out or throw it away if the entire project turned out to be a failure 🙂

    Anyway, thanks so much for your Lyra compliments. I had a wonderful time knitting it and am so sorry it’s finished!

  4. I heard the drip-drip-drip of melting snow late this afternoon. That’s a sure sign of a thaw when the snow is still dripping at 5:00.

  5. I’d like to hear about your ” ‘liturgical’ knitting group”.

    And I still just love that Twisted yarn in your multidirectional projects.

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