A Lick And A Promise

That’s what I’ve been doing at home, at work, and on the blog!

So here’s today’s lick (weekend tidbits) and a promise of knitting.



A Saturday Sky from this last weekend.

Although I mostly saw it like this, from inside:


(when I wasn’t at work).

‘Tis the season for concerts, recitals and assorted holiday events, as the Yarn Harlot just related. (Though I’m thinking that it was the girl with the French horn who was pretty good: second row, second on the right.)


So then there was the church Christmas pageant, with wayward sheep


(the small brown cow started a hayfight right after that).

In fact, see the Gothlet, as a star, reading here?


Now see the woman beyond her, in pink, biting her nails? That’s the mother of the brown cow, a friend of mine. Hayfight in progress!

The Gothlet was a Lead Star, which meant she herded little kindergartener stars around.


(Here she is, keeping a close eye on them. No hayfights in the star department, no, sir!)

While the Preteen assisted with musical accompaniment.


I know you want to see the sheep again.


Things that make you go “Awwww!”


This weekend, there was also a Gothlet piano recital (and a duet with her mother, who therefore had to practice piano this last week along with everything else), with no good pictures (though I have a nice video!). And a work-related party. Coming up is a middle school choir concert, and then — the kids are off school! Which means the Preteen will want to be taken to the mall or friends’ houses at every opportunity, and the Gothlet will want to do crafts (which generally involves mess and help-needed). Ah well, that’s our life.

There has been knitting, I promise (with Christmas coming up, what else?) but I’ll wait till tomorrow to post it, as I am supposed to get done with work while there is still light in the sky, and I hope to take decent photos then. Promise!

3 responses to “A Lick And A Promise

  1. Great pictures of the concert-type events. Of course, how can the photographer go wrong with such subjects!

  2. OK, so those sheep are only about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. With all due respect to knuckle-biting lady, I’m really glad they had their hay-fight. They’ll remember that happily all their lives.

  3. Those sheep costumes are so freakin’ cute!

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