Eye Candy Friday through the Window

I got no flowers for you. Everything outside is white with accents of gray and brown. And I haven’t really seen daylight all week.

But it looks more interesting through this!


This is the really nice stained glass window in our Victorian construction site, aka house. One of the reasons I talked my husband into us buying this former college frat/boarding house. Who cares about the beer-soaked indoor/outdoor carpeting covering the hardwood floors, and mold-encrusted bathtub upstairs and a bathtub with no overflow drain on the ground floor (with predictable results as far as the bathroom flooring), and no insulation other than old newspapers, and no windows with screens on the ground floor because the dog that lived here once went out through all the screens and broke them, and no garage, just a paved back yard with a drain in the middle, and naughty pictures stuck up all over the dining room, and an archway between two bedrooms upstairs closed up with cheap paneling, and no counters in the kitchen whatsoever, and a stove whose burners didn’t work and whose oven was encrusted with years, no, decades of burnt pizza cheese?

Who cares about all that — it has a beautiful stained glass window!

4 responses to “Eye Candy Friday through the Window

  1. I convinced my husband to buy our house for almost the same reason! We have 7 stained glass windows, but it was one upstairs that convinced me. It is an amazing grapevine that makes me happy each time I look at it! Our place is a two-flat that we are converting, so it, too, has some “character.” We have not one, but two ugly kitchens, some nasty plaster cracks, “regular” windows in desperate need of attention, and a hideous bathroom upstairs. The stained glass windows, however, make up for many shortcomings.

  2. Ah, yes, the joys of living in a construction site! Someday I shall post pictures of all the cat scratching posts, aka naked wall studs, in our house. Alas, I have no stained glass windows to make up for the pain.

  3. Wow! Good thing the dog didn’t go through that! It sounds like you have a beautiful place. (That needs a little work and TLC)

  4. Pretty funny. I shudder to think about the old forestry frat… but you do have a great window!

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