Sunday Update, knitting and otherwise

I have been knitting. Just not on any (identified) Christmas presents the way I am supposed to be.

Instead, I continue to be seduced by the wonders of “Twisted” yarn.


I’m trying out a hat, morphing the Multidirectional scarf as the fold-up brim, and a variation on Tychus, a short row hat, free Knitty pattern. It may not work. If it doesn’t, I have an idea of a different way to do it, but it will involve frogging the WHOLE hat, because of course I couldn’t knit the hat crown and brim separately and sew them together, oh NO. Because I dislike sewing, I have to be knitting them together. So I can’t just redo the brim, which is the part that may not work. Well, we’ll see.

[Boy, I wish I was home more when there was actually light in the sky. Less than two weeks until the shortest day of the year here* in the Northern Hemisphere. . . . This time of year just bites for photography. ]

Here’s another “Twisted” multidirectional scarf in progress, posing with the Gothlet’s temporarily unattended homework. This one has another ‘twist’ besides the yarn.  The pattern’s a little different, can you see it?


It’s giving me some ideas to try out in two other (different) scarves. Minor addiction going on here….

Anyway: great comments on the knitting stamp/USPS post (back pre-Nutcracker, seems so long ago!). I loved hearing from people like Dana who knew or were even related to postmasters and mail carriers! And thanks, Vicki for sharing that Butternut, Wisconsin, does indeed exist Up Nort. Cool! I’m still embarrassed that I’d never heard of it, but I’m glad it’s a real place with a quilt shop, and a restaurant frequented by the Knitorious extended family!!

[Reminds me of a tiny unincorporated town, Frontenac, on the Mississippi, on the way from here to the Twin Cities. They have a tiny diner called the Whistle Stop Cafe (existed way before Fannie Flagg’s story, though I have no doubt there are multiple Whistle Stops). My grandmother, who lived in the Cities, ALWAYS had to stop at the Whistle Stop and have lunch when visiting and traveling either direction. Except once, I remember that she was not pleased with the fact that they did not put butter on their chicken salad sandwiches. She was mildly horrified when I told her I never buttered my sandwiches.]

Packed up one more box of prize yarn today….


Looks like marble, doesn’t it? Pretty….

*Winter solstice: Saturday December 22nd, 2007, 12:08 am CST (06:08 UT)

2 responses to “Sunday Update, knitting and otherwise

  1. Frontenac is one of those towns I alway blew through when going back and forth to school. I never stopped, but now I kind of wish I had. I am a little surprised to hear there is a cafe. Is it right on 61? Or do you have to slow down to see it?

  2. If it were a quilt, the scarf pattern would be called Pioneer Braid–one of my favorite border patterns.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the final result on the hat.

    Such interesting experiments!

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