Subzero Saturday Sky

It was cold out there this morning when I got up.


Can’t you just tell?


The cat certainly could tell.


He wouldn’t budge from my lap.


Hey, upon arriving home from Nutcracker last night, we found that he had killed his first mouse. Good boy! I didn’t know he knew how to do that! So I guess he’s earned a little lap time.

So the last Nutcracker performance, our matinee, happened today; here are backstage angels.


(I wish I’d gotten photos of the Preteen as a rat — she was an awesome rat!) But here my two dancer daughters are again, as party girl and party boy.


and it’s all over — for another year.



After the run and an early dinner (hungry dancers!), I finally had a chance to mail the birthday blog contest prizes! Elaine, Timiae, and Janice have boxes on the way, now! (Still waiting for Jennifer’s address….hint, hint!)

Here are previews of what’s on the way:





I had so much fun picking these out! I hope the recipients like them. I liked all this yarn to begin with; that’s why it’s in my stash. But I like sending it out to someone who will love it too. Since I have several decades’ worth of projects and yarn on the to-do list and can’t get to all of it in any sort of timely fashion….

I have been knitting a bit, in between everything else and work too. Maybe some knitting content tomorrow.

(One can only hope.)

3 responses to “Subzero Saturday Sky

  1. Wow, I love your photos, Cathy-Cate, especially those of your kids (furry and not so furry).

  2. Love the Nutcracker photos and love, love, love the yarn prize photos. I wonder which is for me?? I am so excited I think I’ll just stand by the door and wait.

    Oh no – I have a job and have to go to work. Bummer!

    I also love the multidirectional scarfs. Just great – looking.

  3. Can you tell me where you order your Twisted yarn? I can’t seem to find it. You can e-mail me if you have a second. many thanks

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