I made the “Shocking Pink Coif” from Knitty a few years ago. knitty-coif.jpg

(The pattern came out in Spring 2003, so I’m guessing it was fall 2003.) I had picked up an orphan skein of pretty yarn at a LYS around that time, pre-Christmas (sadly, said LYS went out of business subsequently; not for lack of my patronage!). I am a total sucker for orphan skeins, especially on sale, but they don’t even need to be on sale for me to buy them. I feel sorry for them, I guess. Look, Mom, it followed me home!

The yarn was called Cyprus Mohair, from Feza. (It’s color # 255 in this link.) (Now look at the yarn content: 65% acrylic, 35% wool. Hey! Where’s the mohair?!) Current versions of the yarn contain 85% acrylic, 15% mohair. Hmpf. Still. And it’s made in Turkey; what’s up with the Cyprus thing anyway? Still, it was pretty, and just enough yardage to make the coif — good headgear for a long-haired person who pulls her hair back all the time. (Namely, me.)

There was a problem, however. See the coif?


Stockinette bordered in — well, not garter stitch, but kind of. (I knit mine bordered in garter stitch, though.) As you know, stockinette will curl at the sides; if there’s a garter stitch border, the project will curl where the stockinette meets the garter stitch; unless it’s blocked. Well, this yarn didn’t block worth a darn.

Here’s the coif: okay from this view —


but as soon as you pick it up:


the edge curls up like no one’s business. And it wasn’t particularly warm (though I suppose you could argue that wearing a hat that only covers half my head was innately not particularly warm).

So I put it away and didn’t wear it. Because it annoyed me. But I ran across it not long ago as I got out the winter hats, and was struck by an idea. What if I made a warm facing? It would control the roll; and also it would make it warmer.

I had some RYC Cashsoft Aran in black which was soft and warm, and looked to be about the same gauge. I was going to knit it together on every row with the coif, but that quickly proved to be not worth the trouble and didn’t look the best; so I knit the ‘lining’ separately and oversewed it on.  Didn’t take long, this weekend.

Here’s the coif now, first belly-side up. What do you think?



The roll is controlled! And it’s so soft and warm.

It still makes me look a little medieval-geeky, but I realized I can tie it under my hair a la Calorimetry, and it’s not quite so nunnish. (No pictures, it’s dark out; maybe I’ll add them in sometime.)

Coif Redeemed!

Just in time for winter to arrive.

‘Scuse me, I have to go shovel some more snow now. . . .

3 responses to “Redemption

  1. That’s a good idea – I should do that with an entrelac scarf that I knit…

  2. Oh My Gawd! When I was a kid (in NYC) I used to go ice skating every Saturday in winter. The first session at the Wollman rink in Central Park was FREE and kids only, so my friends and I would hop on the subway, and go skating until the session ended and the rich folks who could afford to pay got their chance.

    I had a hat shaped just like that. It was the first thing I had knit when I was maybe about 5 or 6 years old. It was a beautiful royal blue and all wool since synthetics probably hadn’t been invented yet :-).

    My mother taught me and it was 1k, 1p, ribbing the length. She thought it was a great first project since it was small, included both knit and purl, increasing and decreasing, and was something I would wear. I thought I was so cool and always wore a pony tail. Looking at it now, and reading your comment about the medieval geeky look really made me laugh – what was I thinking – cool?

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