Saturday Sky with Christmas Tree

Looking out a window at work today:


Saturday Sky with Christmas Tree and Crane!

You don’t usually expect to see a tree actually IN the Saturday Sky.

But there it was, as the snow fell around it:



How festive of the construction workers! (They’re building an underground parking ramp, which will be wonderful for just such weather as this. Winter being at least 5 months long here, quite literally.)

We had a bit of snow night before last, though the weather people predicted this as flurries:


See the bunny tracks in our yard above? By the time I left for work, it looked as though there had been a bunny hoe-down!

snow-moon.jpg (early morning snowy moon)

Now, today, the weather folks said it would start to snow about 3 pm; maybe a few morning flurries; 3 -5 inches total for the storm.

When I left work at noon:


Some flurries — again. That’s already up to the curbs.

It’s probably time to put the boat away, don’t you think?


Well, other than shuttling Nutcracker dancers (and finding their boots, a task sadly put off till now), my plan for the rest of the day is to choose prize yarn, and maybe clean a bit, listen to the snow come down (occasionally it changes to very loud bits of ice gusting against the window) and KNIT. Great day for it. Maybe I’ll make some soup for dinner tonight, mmm.

Stay home, all y’all in the Midwest, if you can; otherwise, drive careful, as we ungrammatically say around here. Hello, December!


That has got to be one LONG extension cord….

9 responses to “Saturday Sky with Christmas Tree

  1. Wow, lots of snow! I think we’re supposed to get the leftovers of the winter storm that y’all were getting up there tomorrow or Monday.

    I love that tree in the sky…how funny!

  2. Wow – I got out just in time! I was at a meeting in Urbana Illinois and flew home through Chicago last night. They were predicting snow there and said it would be a major storm. Luckily I beat it! It’s supposed to hit here on the east coast tonight and tomorrow, but just flurries. I see what flurries mean!

    I loved the photos of the “flying” tree.

  3. I woke up this morning to snow – always nice on a weekend! Love the pictures of the tree – too funny!

  4. I followed a truck today that had a plow on the front and was towing a sailboat! We are expecting the snow tonight and tomorrow. I found that garnet pic on my flickr page, I’ll email you the link. … a friend just showed up, so I’ll do it later.

  5. Hi Cathy-Cate. I owe you a prize and am wondering, now that life is getting sane enough for a trip to the post office (where I will face–ack!–the holiday lines) whether you have a copy of Sensational Knitted Socks. I know you probably do, but if you don’t I could send you a copy of that, as I mysteriously have two. If you’ve got it already, I have a few other ideas…. Just let me know.

  6. How nice to be able to see the tree in the sky when you look out your window at work. It’s rather boring here, all our trees are earth bound.

  7. Ha! Funny you mention that boat. I have a pontoon boat stuck sideways in my driveway because hubby decided a good time to move it over to the shed on the other property was the day after we got 9 inches of snow. Obviously that plan didn’t go as well as he was hoping and now we have to find someone with an even bigger truck to move it.

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