Not literally.

(Not that I shouldn’t be doing just that.)

But bits and pieces and fulfilling promises.


I sent out my ISE 5 scarf and treats today! The box is going to Hong Kong — how cool is that? (Way cool! would be the answer!) No pictures till my pal actually gets her package, though!

And I also sent out my Hand-Dyed Yarn Swap box today, just in the nick of time! Getting the box and the yarn and a couple fun things together was what took the time, not the dyeing. (And getting all of that to the post office too, of course. You know how it is.)

I hope both my pals enjoy their gifts as much as I enjoyed making them. Both were an awful lot of fun.

Now, in the interests of equal time, which I believe is a legal requirement under the Siblings Fairness Act, here’s a photo of one of the Preteen’s dance classes (she did ask me to take pictures!):


This was a crazy cool move in Jazz Funk, where they crossed one leg over the other while in a semi-bridge position, then rotated 360 degrees to face down and then up again (legs still crossed) — hard to describe, even harder to do, I’m sure. She is so amazing in this dance style; it suits her well. I have a couple other good photos from class, but don’t dare post them without prior authorization.

Tonight starts the Nutcracker Insanity. There will be a rehearsal every day until their first performance a week from yesterday. I’d better stock up on the hair spray, bobby pins and eye liner. And snack bars and emergency tights and, and, and….

But before the rehearsal tonight, we are going out for dinner for my birthday, to continue the natal festivities. (I feel like the girls, when they have their birthday celebrated at school, then at home, then the card with money comes the next day from Grandpa in Florida, and the kid birthday party is on the weekend, and it just keeps on going!) We’re going to a very nice restaurant, even. And I think I can even be done with work on time.

So a bit of knitting. Something you’ve seen before (click to embiggen):

ravelry-scarf-long-view.jpg This is from one skein of the Duchess yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts. It makes a scarf which is (unblocked) 4 1/4 inches by 50 inches (I think it’ll block slightly wider). However, I have a second skein. . . . I want to make the scarf a little longer, but I’m going to play around with a hat to see if I like how the pattern and the yarn work together, so I’ll put the scarf aside, make the hat, then use the leftovers to finish the scarf. But I’m giving you the dimensions for a one-skein scarf in case anyone wanted to make this scarf in that yarn. (Two skeins does get a bit pricey; this yarn is very labor-intensive to make, reflected in the cost, so only someone special would get a two-skein scarf! Which leads to the question of whom this is all for. Which I can’t answer because I don’t know. Maybe it’s yet another birthday present for myself, spoiled person that I am. ) Anyway, I think that if I were making this scarf from only one skein (I believe that will be in my future in a different colorway), I would probably knit it on slightly bigger needles to make it bigger; it would also be looser and drapier, but I think still very fine. As is, on size 4s — and I’m a loose woman knitter — it’s a lovely texture and drape but close-knit enough not to let the wind through. I thought it was about 5 inches when I started, but it’s sproingy, and the stitch pattern draws it in slightly too.

And, since I have no conventional Eye Candy today, I will compensate by showing you a favorite little project I made early this year (pre-blog). I totally made this up as I went along. (Translation? No clue how I did it, so I can’t give you a pattern!) It’s for the Gothlet, whose favorite color was PURPLE with a capital PURP (now her favorite color is black, purple, and green — she can’t decide on just one). She also likes snakes; and she has no body fat and is always cold, so this is knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, so soft and warm.


It’s knit so as to be dimensional, and the tail moves freely; I wanted the snake to look like it was crawling right off the scarf.  (I dislike sewing; I suppose it would have been easier to make the snake and sew it on, as in the Harlot’s cardigan pattern mentioned below, but if I can find a way to knit something in one piece, believe me, I’m there.)


This was inspired by some cable stitch pattern I saw that reminded me, though not its creator as I recall, of a snake head (I think it’s from one of Barbara Walker’s books again) and also by the little snakes on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Snake Charmer version of the Daisy baby cardigan (on knitty.com) , and the above-mentioned Gothlet passions. And the yarn was left over from something else and was SO soft and warm. I also made a snake hat, but I have yet to take a picture of it (she’s outgrowing it, all those brains getting bigger). Maybe she’ll pose for me in it tomorrow, in between rehearsals.

So tomorrow, I do have to work in the morning, as I often do. But in the afternoon, while the Rat Party Girl Preteen and the Party Boy Soldier Gothlet are rehearsing, I get to pick out awesome yarn for the birthday blog contest winners! That will be such fun! I’ve been thinking about it all week.

And it gives me an excuse to pet all my yarn.  Mmmm.

3 responses to “Tidy-Up

  1. That’s some dance move! Middle-age and over-indulgence has wrecked my flexibility, but I’m sure I used to be able to move like that! 😉

    Nice scarves! I know someone who’d nag me relentlessly to make the snake one if she ever saw that.

  2. Snake scarf! what a fabulous idea!

  3. I identify with your “Nutcracker insanity”! Flagstaff’s production was this past Friday, so we’ve already been through the every-night rehearsals. Plus, all the kids are also in a play, so we had *2* rehearsals every night last week. I felt like I could sleep for a week! Things are quieter now. You’ll make it, girl!

    Love the zigs on the scarf!

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