Yarn of November


Not only the November poems that some kind readers have left on the Birthday Blog Contest (still going on! check it out if you haven’t already!),  but also these yarns are making me see November in a new light.

These are both November yarns!

The upper yarn is called “November Muse”, Smooshy superwash merino sock yarn by Dream in Color.

The lower yarn is simply named “November”, Sheepaints Bamboolaine (superwash wool/bamboo sock yarn from Germany). (I found this at The Loopy Ewe; I haven’t seen it anywhere else.)

These do echo November colors of different sorts, as seen in my going-dormant garden, and make them look so wonderful.

Maybe gray and brown November isn’t so bad. . . .

3 responses to “Yarn of November

  1. The colors of that second one made my drool all over my keyboard 🙂

  2. Smooshy, Smooshy, Smooshy–oh, how I love Smooshy!

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