The sun came out in the Saturday Sky for Katie’s funeral this morning.

The north wind dried the tears on my face as I walked home from the church, but it was cold comfort indeed.


By randomness, this was the coffee mug I grabbed off the shelf without looking, this morning.


“Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.” Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Advice I take to heart. I needed my needles and yarn in my hand today.

There has been a lack of visible knitting in this blog lately, but today at least I can give you an FO from lovely yarn:


Arial superwash merino sock yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts, in the Rodney colorway. (Hey, free shipping for the next few weeks if you buy two or more skeins! And Meg just did a shop update!) I love it. I’m not sure who these are for yet; a Christmas present for someone who doesn’t mind fraternal fingerless gloves, given the glorious unpredictability of hand-dyed yarn.

And the stealth knitting that I have been doing for a couple weeks (ever since the Wedding Pi shawl was finished!) is blocking now, but you still can’t see more than a glimpse of it:


At some point, you will see it all, I promise.

Now to my next project! It’s holiday time, so goal-oriented knitting is on the books.

As others have remarked, it makes for boring blogging, though, as I can’t show you all that I will be up to in the next month. Ah, well, I will find some things I can share.

Thank you for all the wonderful quotes and poems you’ve left on my birthday contest post. I am enjoying every one, many of which I had not read before, and some have extra meaning right now as I re-read them. Thank you.

One response to “Pavane

  1. Great mug! One of my favorite EZ quotes.

    Rockstar rodney mitts– I’m sure whoever receives them as a holiday gift will absolutely love them. Fraternal is fabulous. Embrace it! 🙂

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