Saturday Sky with Flakes

You can’t see them against this gray November sky:


But there has been this cold white stuff falling out of the sky.


Of course, that’s pretty normal for November around here. What’s weird is that the grass is still green due to our mild fall. And the ground’s warm enough that the snow doesn’t stick, in town. There is a dusting of snow on the ridges of the bluffs.

Gray, cold, bits of snow in the air: it was a good day to stay inside, on the couch.


Unfortunately, I had to work!

But in the late afternoon, while some of our children were at Nutcracker rehearsals, my friends and I went to a LYS, The Country Woolgatherer, to an open house.


The crush had dissipated after being busy all day, according to the owner, so we had the place (and the yarn and the hot cider and the treats) to ourselves. Here’s another wall of Cascade. Wow.


Do you see the sign on top?


Accompanied by a Fiber Squirrel. The Squirrels, they follow me!

I had to buy some Dale Baby Ull to distract the squirrels. Not that I don’t have enough to do; but I saw this hat (“We Call Them Pirates” by Hello Yarn) on a couple blogs, and thought of the Gothlet. I’m hoping that by knitting it in fingering weight instead of sport weight, the size will be about right for a child instead of an adult. Well, I’ll do more than hope; this sort of thing does call for swatching. But I suspect it will work. According to the numbers, if I knit to a gauge of 7 stitches/inch, the hat will be 18″; hats should have negative ease, so this should by all rights work. People on Ravelry have been saying it comes out small, but I think didn’t take note of the fact that stranded colorwork tends to come out tighter; and the needle sizes given are small, leading me to deduce that Adrian is a loose knitter like me (and an experienced colorwork knitter; it’s so easy when beginning to carry yarn a little too tightly). And it has a lining, further decreasing stretchability. But if I can make gauge in a swatch, it should work; otherwise I’ll dig up some other yarn. Of course, the Gothlet, not being your average child, wants it in green and black rather than white and black. Not sure this will be a Christmas present; maybe for her February birthday. (The next five weeks will be a blur, between a busy work schedule, The Nutcracker Ballet, and then Christmas. I think it’s going to be yet another year that I don’t get Christmas cards out….)

2 responses to “Saturday Sky with Flakes

  1. Not getting Christmas cards out is a fine old tradition.

    I should know.

  2. What a great-looking LYS! Cute outside, tidy and organized inside. (I hate messy shops.) Is the Gothlet a mouse in the Nutcracker? or maybe a Sugar Plum Fairy?

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