Sunrise, Sunset

So if it’s a red sky at morning and a red sky at night, what does that mean for the weather?

Just had to share an unusually vivid sunrise this morning:


The sunset was equally vivid, but unphotographed as I was chauffeuring my daughter at the time. We both agreed that the sunset looked like an old painted Hollywood set, though; all purples with red underpinnings to the clouds. Very unreal-looking!

Knitting is happening but also primarily undocumented, though here’s a tease:


I am indeed on a bead kick lately, having lost my fear of beads (loving the crochet hook method!). Who knows where they’ll show up next?

4 responses to “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. What a georgeous sky!

  2. Gorgeous color! It’s that time of year where we start seeing sunrises and sunsets while at work. (ugg.)

    So C, *another* shawl???

  3. My sky was the same color yesterday morning! They’ve been pretty lovely lately (when not gray — and even some of those are lovely in how DRAMATIC they are).

  4. Pretty knitting–I can’t wait to see a picture of the whole project.

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