Daily Archives: November 11, 2007


Yes, the “Wayback” machine was apparently spelled that way — like Univac and Eniac and all those Cold War Acs. Not that I knew that then.

KitKatKnit is having a Wayback Machine contest — what were you knitting a year ago?

I was not blogging then, and my camera was out of commission. So I have no photos.

But I know what I was knitting; a top-down cardigan for my father in a warm brown llama/wool blend (Classic Elite Maya, now discontinued). It was meant to be a birthday present; I finally gave it to him for Christmas in a not-quite-done state. At least then I could try it on him and make the sleeves the right length. Then when I did finish it in January, I ended up redoing part of it to fit better (plus I didn’t like how the button band turned out, so redid that too). The pattern was from a self-published top-down sweater book whose name escapes me at the moment; with (need I add?) several modifications.
Apparently it’s now a tradition to not finish my father’s presents. I think I just get too ambitious; plus, if they’re surprises, I can’t knit them in public around him. However, there are good traditions and there are not-so-good traditions.

A disclaimer:

I saw Peabody and his boy Sherman “WABAC” on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show on one of those mongo console TVs, early color, circa 1970 for sure, and maybe in the mid-1960s but if so was too little to remember; but apparently that was not the original since Wiki says it was first on in the 50s and early 60s. My husband saw it then! I saw it a few years later –Saturday morning cartoons. I didn’t know it was on Cartoon Network! I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Here’s a squirrel for you in Rocky’s honor! (Though not a flying squirrel, as he was.)