When the Skies of November Turn Gloomy

Saturday Sky for Ten November.

This morning when I went to work:


And Saturday Sky with Crane when I came home.


Fortunately, no November gales today. Just cold and gray; typical November weather around here. It’s part of why I always thought November was a somewhat obnoxious month to have a birthday, though I don’t know if Vicki, who shares my home state and birthday month, shares my sentiments.  The weather may be different over by the Tsock Tsarina’s neck of the woods for her birthday, too; earlier, souther and easter than here in Wisconsin.  I like the birthstone, though!

There just may be a blog contest later this month when The Day rolls around. Some fiber wonderfulness may be looking for a new good home. . . .

2 responses to “When the Skies of November Turn Gloomy

  1. Hello Hand-dyed yarn swap pal/fellow western Wisconsinite. Did it snow down there? The pi shawl you made is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to stalking your blog and getting to know you.

  2. Today is blue skies, but it has been looking much like that around here lately!

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