Friday Eye Candy, Wedding Pi Edition


Pi candy Eye candy especially for knitters.

The shawl came off the blocking mats beautifully. I ran home at lunch to wrap it up and take it to its lovely recipient, and tried to take an indoor photo:


Cool, but not enough detail for her Tserenity the Tsarina of Tsocks.

So, out to the porch:

porch-shot.jpg Nah, not going to work. Did I mention it’s a currently gray cold November day here in Wisconsin, and it snowed a little this morning (didn’t stick, and the ground is dry again)? So here we go on the front walk:


Some details for the detail-oriented (you know who you are!):

half-a-shawl.jpg center-detail.jpg

(Click to embiggen.)

And, as I took a photos of the edge beading — some new beads appeared on the shawl.


Ack! It’s snowing again! End of photography for this session.

But I’ll leave you with one more eye candy shot:


I will be seeing it on the bride very soon! Happy Wedding Day, Melinda and Greg!

23 responses to “Friday Eye Candy, Wedding Pi Edition

  1. Oh! Oh! So beautiful! You*will* be writing out the pattern, right?


  2. Oooohhh. Aaaaahhhh. Ooohhhh.

    For this indulgence much thanks.

    I’m specially thrilled to see that outermost stitch pattern (not counting the edging, which is also one of my favorites) – is that the one BGW calls “Bell Lace”? It’s been on my must-play-with list for some time, and I too have wedding applications in mind for it (that undyed silk from School Products…) – only ain’t got no bride in the offing, so on the back burner it stays, for now. But I think it’s one of the loveliest patterns out there, and it looks just breathtaking here.

    Simply beautiful. (I love the indoor shot too, though as predicted I’m glad it’s not the only one you showed us.) And the beads! Did we know you were using beads? Inspired.

    Pictures of it being modeled by the bride, please.

  3. Agreed! Gorgeous, and you simply must take wedding in-action shots.

    Loved your beads/not beads moment. I’m sure you wisked away the wet and the shawl is in fantastic shape.

    Have fun at the wedding!

  4. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I am happy to see that lump of wool turn into something. I hope to see you at the next retreat.

  5. Oh, so beautiful!! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures.

    I am speechless.

    (I did not see snow this morning!)

  6. Who’da thunk that wad of yarn could turn out like that? Absolutely gorgeous. Pictures of the bride wearing it would be icing on the cake.

  7. WOW Cathy, that is just superbly stunning and outrageously amazing!!! The photos are good too. WOW!!

  8. What a lovely shawl. I love the color too.

  9. OOOOOOOHHHHHHhh – OMG!!!! It is SO beautiful! I hope someday…. someday…. maybe I could make something as beautiful as that!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  10. Just too stunning for words!! How so very fortunate for the bride to have a friend that could make her day even more cherished. The photos are super great… the beads, and the snow. Snow, what is that?! It was 81 here yesterday…..sigh. That knuckle of yours was wished and demanded into healing. How you needed that for this project. Congradulations!! Hugs all around. M.

  11. That just leaves me speechless. The lace is beautiful, and the color couldn’t be more perfect. This is your own design, right? You need to write that up and sell it. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  12. What a gorgeous shawl!

  13. Cathy, What a gorgeous piece of knitting! Your friend looks beautifun in the shawl and the color.
    Makes me want to venture into Pi Shawl territory. Maybe next retreat you can give some advice about pattern selection. It was nice to meet you and I look forward to spending more visiting time next retreat.

  14. What a gorgeous piece of knitting! Makes me want to venture into Pi Shawl territoty.
    Your friend looks beautiful in the shawl and the color. The beads are special (sort of topaz color, based on the pics) . I look forward to spending more visiting time with you at the next retreat. Belated birthday wishes. Yes, topaz is a lovely gem.

  15. Absolutely stunning. Our snow had not all melted as of Saturday, but I think today’s (Sunday) warm spell will finish it off.

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  17. Wow! That is incredible! Destined to be an heirloom, I’ll wager.

  18. You’re very right to be proud. What a thing.

  19. Holy cow, that is a thing of beauty. Exquisite.

  20. That is absolutely mindblowingly gorgeous. Wow.

  21. Cathy, That is beautiful…I do hope it shows up at retreat…I have a friend who needs some PI encougagement…she will be there…has been coming for many years.

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