Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

Friday Eye Candy, Wedding Pi Edition


Pi candy Eye candy especially for knitters.

The shawl came off the blocking mats beautifully. I ran home at lunch to wrap it up and take it to its lovely recipient, and tried to take an indoor photo:


Cool, but not enough detail for her Tserenity the Tsarina of Tsocks.

So, out to the porch:

porch-shot.jpg Nah, not going to work. Did I mention it’s a currently gray cold November day here in Wisconsin, and it snowed a little this morning (didn’t stick, and the ground is dry again)? So here we go on the front walk:


Some details for the detail-oriented (you know who you are!):

half-a-shawl.jpg center-detail.jpg

(Click to embiggen.)

And, as I took a photos of the edge beading — some new beads appeared on the shawl.


Ack! It’s snowing again! End of photography for this session.

But I’ll leave you with one more eye candy shot:


I will be seeing it on the bride very soon! Happy Wedding Day, Melinda and Greg!