That Old Block Magic

Apologies to the pun-averse. (N.b., you’re probably reading the wrong blog, if you are.)

Wedding Pi Shawl pre-blocking:


The usual lumpy mess. This is on four foam squares, each about 24 inches.

After blocking:


Now on three by three foam mats. (Note to self — yellow squares work well for photography!



I’ll try for a couple daylight pictures tomorrow before wrapping it up for the bride.

10 responses to “That Old Block Magic

  1. That’s incredible! The bride will love it. Are you ever going to let her read the yarn/dye/felt saga?

  2. You’d better! I need to see how you placed the increases! What I can see is gorgeous, but tantalizing, with all those colors interfering. You owe it to yourself and to us to document this piece to within an inch of its life.

    Oooh, would I ever have a hard time letting go….

  3. That is a fabulous shawl — so delicate and lacy. You are a wonder!

  4. It’s beautiful – you did such a good job.

  5. Wow! That is fantastic.

  6. Excellent work! – plenty of diameter for the bride.

    It’ll be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it post-blocking.

  7. Oh, Cate! It’s stunningly gorgeous! Will you be writing up the pattern?

    (I’m almost finished casting off on mine.. pictures tonight..)

  8. I love it! It is perfect!

    Stick with the yellow mats, I agree.


  9. Gorgeous! Technical question: Why did you choose those foam mats for blocking, and where did you find them? I’m getting tired of pinning wet wool to my bed.

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