Daily Archives: November 8, 2007

That Old Block Magic

Apologies to the pun-averse. (N.b., you’re probably reading the wrong blog, if you are.)

Wedding Pi Shawl pre-blocking:


The usual lumpy mess. This is on four foam squares, each about 24 inches.

After blocking:


Now on three by three foam mats. (Note to self — yellow squares work well for photography!



I’ll try for a couple daylight pictures tomorrow before wrapping it up for the bride.

Shawling Away

I have been absent from the blogosphere, other than leaving an odd comment or two (some odder than others, no doubt); since I have been busy knitting away on this:


And so far, despite a talent for multitasking, I have not been able to type and knit simultaneously.  (I need that voice recognition software for my birthday, obviously.)

But today is blocking day, so tonight or tomorrow I’ll have something to show you!