I’m a Yarn Geek! And I’m Proud!

My husband got a good luck at my wonderful Vintage earrings tonight, earrings-on-shawl.jpg as I was wearing them upon his and my reunion after my awesome knitting weekend, and said,

“Honey? Those are seriously weird! They are cool. But they shout, ‘I’m A Yarn Geek!'”

(You had to see the accompanying hand gestures to get the full picture, but use your imagination. Kind of gang signs being done by EZ.)

Well, yes! I *am* a Yarn Geek, and proud of it! And if that’s what my earrings say, so much the better!

So — it’s late; the shawl and I had an awesome time with a wonderful bunch of knitters; and I can’t tell you all about it now because work comes too early in the morning and I need to knit a little more shawl before I feel I can turn in.

But here’s a quick picture of the knitting retreat Saturday Sky (sorry for the photo which is not up to my usual standards; I never went outside ALL DAY Saturday, just stayed in and knit, so this is shot from the window of my room):


Dawn over the Retreat Center, as interpreted through a screen. . . .

Now, I must return, if only for a brief time, to knitting the Wedding Pi Shawl until I either fall asleep or start messing up too much. Progress report and weekend snapshots later this week for sure.

Maybe when the shawl is blocking. . . .

4 responses to “I’m a Yarn Geek! And I’m Proud!

  1. Hi Cate…I just discovered your blog and am HORRIFIED!!! I have used your handle – hitherandyarn – on my Ravelry account.
    I did a google search for a blog with this name and found none but I see you use WordPress so that may be why it didn’t show up??? I apologize with all my heart…I have been searching for the past few months for a unique name to use for a blog and I thought I was being so clever HA!
    I will try to change my Ravelry name and let you know.
    Again, many apologies for using your blog name.
    PS I see you are in Wisconsin I am in MN… are you near Madison? My son attends Madison Media Institute for sound production. I also noticed your husband was involved with the music industry…any connection with the school?

  2. it’s good to be a yarn geek! 🙂

  3. I think the earrings are darling… and I hereby proudly announce to the world that “I am a Yarn Geek!” I also think “yarn geeks” in Canada would love those earrings.

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