Happy Halloween!

Despite our usual last-minutosity, Halloween Happened tonight.

A dad with a young trick-or-treater asked us how we kept the squirrels from eating our pumpkins. Well, that would be — by carving them an hour ago. . . .

I cheated and just drew: boo-pumpkin.jpg

But the rest of the family had fun with them:


Then when I went to get the candy from where I had hidden it (mostly from my husband) in the garage, I found that someone else had been enjoying it:



Based on the evidence, I would say that there is a mouse in the garage, who prefers Snickers and Twix, disdains M&Ms, and probably has developed diabetes by now.

It was a gorgeous, if appropriately chilly day.


This is not my house.


Below, however, is the front hallway of my house, with some crazy lady with a camera in there too:


And our front porch with a dark princess:


Here the Gothlet is, as a Goth Princess (her words, not mine), in the light, with two other blond Goth friends (she’s in the middle):


and in full regalia later on:


The cat got into his bag costume.


My other daughter?

You mean Preteen Paris? (Her idea!)



Mmm, hot cider. . . . scary undead Goth princess likes it.

6 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Gothlet looks positively ghoulish vouge. Wonderful. Yours is the 2nd time I have seen those white pumpkins before, I love the look of those.

    Can you tell me how you did the paper lantern painting. I have some thrift store ones I want to redo, but I can’t figure out how to repaint them.

    Help please.

    Hope you had a ghoulish time.

  2. Heh. As we were driving home last night, we caught a quick glimpse of the Preteen getting into the van and I pointed her out to Jack. He moaned, “I used to change her diapers!” with a sort of stricken look on his face. I don’t think he’s quite ready for her to be so grown up yet!

  3. Love the goth gang… and paris in stripes! Are the pumpkins white or did you paint them? Too bad about the mice.

  4. I smiled so many times while reading this blog: the girls’ costumes, the cat’s costume, the mouse with diabetes, the earrings. Thanks!

  5. Looked like a fun night to me…..and the cat didn’t want to be left out, or was that the stake-out place to catch the candy thief. Paris stripes is the winner and the prize is a full scholarship to fashion design school!
    Just wondering how you were doing on your ISE5 scarf…or should I be asking THAT question? No throwing things, now…..seriously, you will love it when you get your scarf and all the goodies, and then you can talk to me again…yes?! Okay?! :o) HUGs, M.

  6. Lots of entertainment in this post! The trio of blond Gothlets are so cute, and the Preteen’s striped tights are awesome, and what is it with kitties and brown paper bags? Plus the red-eyed undead Gothlet drinking her hot cider cracked me up.

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