Daily Archives: October 30, 2007

It’s better to be lucky. . .

. . . than good, so the saying goes.

I was lucky #1000 at The Tsarina of Tsock’s blog (1000th comment, that is).

Today, straight from her talented hands and fertile imagination, I received happy prizes!

Look at this:


A circular needle keeper, to keep the stitches on your needles and your needles from puncturing the bag (or other people, I suppose!). Most ingenious. Here it is in close-up:


The circs slip inside and the cork goes on over the cables. And the corks are jeweled:

cork-2.jpg cork-1.jpg

Pretty and practical; what more could one ask for?

Just as pretty are these:


My very own Vintage grape leaf earrings! Here hanging out with their distant cousin the Japanese maple. (Botanically, no doubt that is incorrect five ways from Sunday, but the shapes are evocative, don’t you agree?)

But they ultimately felt most comfortable with the Autumnal Shawl, being autumnal together.


Doesn’t that just make you smile?

It does me! Thanks, Lisa! I am thinking I will have to wear these during the upcoming total knitting immersion weekend.

(And my cat was MOST intrigued by the shipping envelope; obviously it carried marvelous hints of interesting felines. Such a bonus. Citrus also thanks you.)