Gordian Knot Undone

I have been making inroads on my autumnal lace pancake (aka Wedding Pi Shawl), and the predictable consequences were that tonight I had to deal with the internal workings of this:


A barfglob, as Wendy put it some time ago.

As I suspected, I had to adopt a semi-Alexandrine technique to undo the Gordian knot (no sword, however, just a firm pull) and break the yarn in two places to facilitate untanglage.

What was rather amusing was that, after 20 – 30 minutes of serious untangling, I ended up with this:


The two places I broke the yarn, at seemingly opposite ends of the barfglob, ended up being a yard and a half apart.

A little splice action, and I’m knitting away again!

A view of the Mississippi River while running errands this afternoon; this is a couple miles from my house, looking downriver while crossing the sloughs (backwaters).


One response to “Gordian Knot Undone

  1. Holy Carp that view is gorgeous!!

    Don’t you love how yarn f**ks with us sometimes 🙂

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