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Eye Candy Friday, and Out The Door


Do you see the leaf, mid-fall?

Yes, it’s October!

I’m out the door early this morning in a good cause; The Preteen is singing in the Wisconsin Middle School Honors Choir, with rehearsals today and the concert tomorrow in the Madison area.

Warning: a little parental pride coming up!

When The Preteen was recommended to audition last spring at age 11, which involved sight-reading an unfamiliar piece as well as vocalizing, etc., and then when she was chosen for the group, of course I thought it was great. But then this fall, when she mentioned that she was the only one in her choir chosen, and when I was scouting the website for other info and found out that she was one of about 27 altos in the whole state of Wisconsin picked, from about 250 altos auditioning, those being hand-selected by their music teachers to audition — well! Pretty impressive!

And then when the music came in the mail, I was even more impressed; this is high school to college level music, including Mozart and Handel pieces. I was glad I sing, sight-read, and pronounce Latin well enough to help her learn these; if kids’ parents weren’t necessarily good sight-readers/vocalists, it would be a challenge (though their music teachers were supposed to help too, and hers did rehearse with her). So I’m very proud of her, and expect a great concert. There is also a Middle School Honors Band and Orchestra, playing at the same concert, and a friend’s son is in one of those.

SO — we drop her off a little later this morning, and then we don’t see her again until the concert! The kids all stay at the same hotel, have fun activities together, room together with young people from other areas of the state, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Since I made the executive decision not to drive to Madison, drive back tonight, and drive there again the next day, I got a hotel room for my husband and I nearby for tonight.

That means — a day plus a bit in Madison with no real commitments until the concert!

I have plans to abandon that beloved guy who’s driving, to his own devices for a while, and visit Beth, out beyond Madison. And a trip to The Sow’s Ear is hopefully in the plans. (Don’t have to abandon him for that; he drinks coffee, anyway!)

So I’ll check back in Sunday, I expect. Look for some current photos of Beth’s projects!


More gratuitous eye candy to tide you over: