The Gordian Knot

Besides the “Cat P—” treatment, I have learned something else from my adventures with the Suri Lace yarn. I had read on the Mystery Stole 3 forum, that some yarns don’t take to center-pull balls well. I have had good luck with center-pull balls, even in laceweight, even slippery yarns (when confined in a yarn bra, anyway), but these lovely long Suri fibers and the beautiful halo that arose after washing and reskeining, result in the yarn inside the center-pull ball hanging on to itself for dear life. (Picture Red Rover* in a yarn version. ) The first three tangles I untangled with increasing difficulty. The fourth tangle — was not a pretty picture.


I’m pretty good with knots, but there was no end to this one. There kept being 3 strands going from the knot to the inside of the ball, and I could never get it down to one even as I took more and more yarn out of the center of the ball. So I stuffed it back into the center of the ball to be dealt with later, and spit-spliced the yarn from the outside of the ball to my WIP, and now am happily knitting away.

In fact, yesterday I graduated from a snood to a hairnet. The Gothlet is ready to be a Cafeteria Lady for Halloween!


(Or an Alien warrior, perhaps) alien-toy-downscaled.jpg

Yes, I’ll have to deal with the knot sometime, but if it does truly end up being a Gordian knot, I think I have plenty more yarn, at least, and won’t make the same mistake again! Sorry I doubted you, Mystery Stole 3 laceweight knitters!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am currently battling a nasty virus that ambushed me on the way back from a yarn shop Monday night (I guess my defenses were down….)   I promise an account of the visit to the new LYS soon! Plus an FO (or a pair), some local color and so much more. Sigh. I wish I had more energy (and less mucus). At least blogging doesn’t require me to talk (right now I sound like 50 years of whiskey in smoky bars).

In the meantime, here’s a flower picture to tide you over:


*The wiki entry for Red Rover says this childhood playground game was popular “into the 1970s”. Guess that dates me. . . .

9 responses to “The Gordian Knot

  1. Ack! what a knotty problem there. A virus coming home from the LYS, wow, that’s awful!

  2. Send Cathy-Cate on over!
    Man, I remember getting all the kids in the neighborhood together to play that. The boys were the worst, crashing into your hands as hard as they could.

    I’m sorry about the knot. The gothlet looks like the fanciest lunch-lady I have ever seen 🙂

  3. Get better quick!

    Onto the sick skein of yarn- I’ve seen a few different fibers do this. Ribbon yarn doesn’t like to be skeined– and I’ve seen linen ‘throw up’ on its own in the middle of the night! (that is, it looked like your skein above on it’s own– no knitting, just sitting.)

    Red-rover: I can verify play into the mid-80’s in small rural towns.

  4. Dates me too. Oh well.

    Yarn barf or not, that yarn is stunningly beautiful, and so is the lace, even in its pre-Block-Magic state.

    Also, I had to chuckle about the Gordian Knot, because that’s the name of my business – Gordian Knot Services, at your service, and I bet you can guess why.

    Hope you recover in time for your trip – nay, much sooner than that!

  5. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    That is one amazing yarn–sorry it’s not cooperating just now.

  6. Good luck with the knot! It’s such beautiful yarn that it would be shame if you lost any of it.

    Hope you’re feeling better tomorrow!

  7. Yup, Red Rover. Fun times.

    That laceweight is truly beautiful. I hate yarns that throw up their innards like that, but some yarns are worth the trouble.

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