Nicely, Nicely

The title being a continuation of the movie musical theme which often finds its way into these virtual pages (Nicely Nicely Johnson is a character in Guys and Dolls — he’s the one who sings, “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat”).

Today, however, no boat’s being rocked; the post is in recognition of Astrid nominating me for the Nice Matters Blog Award!


Awarded to “those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. ”

Here’s the corollary: “Once you’ve been awarded, please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

Not that I don’t know seven other bloggers who are deserving, but 7 is reminiscent of chain letters to me, so I will limit my nominees to those that spring immediately to mind. And they do not have to feel obliged to pass it on. I would have nominated Lisa, the Tsarina of Socks, and Beth at Chocolate Sheep, but Astrid and Lisa (respectively) beat me to them.

First, Lisa at shares an interest in the natural world (especially of the Northern United States) and knitting with me, and is generous with information and thoughtful comments. Her blog has crazy funny dogs, glimpses of talented family members and life in Maine, and fun knitting.

Second, Sarah-Hope at whatifknits [“ideas, inquiries and irreverence”], a fellow Cotton Commando in the recent DishRag Tag, writes an articulate blog full of wonderful knitting, original designs, art, travel, and cats. I always enjoy reading her well-written and intriguing posts from the opposite side of the US from Lisa!

Bonnie at Très Bon Babble is an amazing sew-er and great knitter as well; some good food to be found in her pages here and there too! I am in awe of her ability to whip up a sewing project. (All I can think of is my Home Ec days; the only sewn project I’d still be willing to be associated with, is the initial pillows that spelled out my name….) She is also a fellow Cotton Commando (you become friends when you strategize together, not?) and a very Nice person. She sent me a cheer-up card recently, when I was feeling sorry for myself — it worked!

Another most Nice fellow Dish Rag Tagger (what can I say, we all bonded!) is Marcia Louise at AndSewKnitBegins, who just started a blog, inspired by Dish Rag Tag and (she says) my posting of her kool Kool-Aid dyeing projects, when she was blogless. She is an warm and awesome person, the epitome of Nice. Her blog is brand new and hampered by a recent crashed hard disk, but she definitely deserves the Nice Matters Award! She also sucked me into turned me on to the International Scarf Exchange 5! Which is really fun!

One last Dish Rag Tagger, who deserves the Nice Matters award, is Laurie at Knitting Garden, who had captaincy thrust upon her by random draw by Emily, and who gracefully rose to the unasked-for challenge with enthusiasm and positivity. She also independently knit the Mystery Stole 3, and signed up for the International Scarf Exchange 5 as did I, so we have much in common! (Except she’s finished her Mystery Stole and I haven’t…) Her blog is full of knitting and family, always enjoyable.

An enabler of the highest water, a sock artiste and a very friendly blogger is Deb of Cashmere Dreams (on a Kitchen Cotton Budget) — a blog title we all can relate to!  It is only because of her that I am the proud owner of some beautiful Wollenmeise.  Not only did she make the ordering happen, and let me in on it, but she tenderly hand-washed all the poor waterlogged yarn that had met with shipping disaster.  And she and fellow members of the Como Saturday morning knitting group made me feel so very welcome on our trip to the Twin Cities.  Now I’m coveting Kauni. . . . don’t tell my husband.

And lastly, I haven’t seen on her blog that she’s been nominated, so I am hereby awarding the Nice Matters Award to Wendy of WendyKnits, who is generous with free patterns and knitting advice, as well as breathtaking knitting, original patterns to beat the band, and beautiful Lucy the cat pictures. Like Steph, she’s also used her blogosphere name recognition to benefit a worthy cause and is unfailingly polite and — well, just Nice, a pleasure to read! The interactions I’ve had with Wendy have been always smile-inducing.


Thanks, you guys! You’re great!

SOOOOO — I promised some current knitting, as opposed to yesterday’s featured knitting which was 15 years old!

I have been knitting a pair of Fetching fingerless mitts for The Preteen:


The yarn is RYC Soft Lux yarn. I’m liking these, and more importantly, The Preteen is too. (She is in love with green currently, and she asked for a pair of “fingerless gloves with cables”. Hmmm; you don’t think she saw the pattern for Fetching which I had printed out and left lying around, do you?) I’m about 1/3 done with the second one.

Here’s my other work in progress (besides Oktoberfest, which is still awaiting full healing of my knuckle; the Irish knots are just under so much tension to do, that they make the little finger knuckle laceration feel quite unhappy).

Earlier this week, it was a tiny dreamcatcher:


Yesterday, it was a snood:


I would gladly wear the Harmony needles as hair jewelry, wouldn’t you?


Today, here it is, an apparently tangled mess in lovely shades of autumn colors:


I put a lifeline in right after taking this photo. . . .

So this will be a wedding shawl for a friend, who also is my pastor! The yarn is mill ends of Cherry Tree Hill Suri Alpaca lace weight, overdyed twice by me to get the effect I wanted. As I mentioned, I am designing the pattern based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi Shawl, with assorted lace patterns that I liked/fit the stitch and row requirements reasonably well, and that had some significance. This post is already rather long, so I will detail the dyeing adventures and the designing work at a future time. But this yarn is lovely to work with, lustrous, richly colored and soft. Which is good, because I anticipate working on this pretty intensively for the next several weeks. Why, yes, the wedding is three weeks away — how did you guess?

Since Astrid talked up my flower pictures, I’ll leave you with one:


Some confused lavender which is re-blooming now. ‘Sokay!

4 responses to “Nicely, Nicely

  1. Lavender!!! My absolutely favouritest scent for indoors!!!!

    And love the colour of the stole!!!

  2. It is an honor for sure to be nominated, so Thank You very much!!….. and I am in such great company. WOW! All your knitting looks luscious. Don’t you just love the FAll with all its rich warm colors?!! It is truely my favorite time of the year. The very best to you and yours.

  3. Thanks again Cathy! I love your hair decoration! The fetching look great, they’re so quick and easy….hmmm maybe I should make some more! and WHOA, what a cool red sky in that previous post!

  4. It is so much fun to see where this award spreads out to! On the Fetching mitts, it’s hard to believe that the photos are of the same project. Lighting is everything.


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