UFO Saturday

Beware — they’ve landed!

See the flying saucer in the pre-dawn Saturday Sky picture?


(Okay, okay, it’s really Venus in its incarnation as the Morning Star!)

And this post isn’t about that kind of UFOs, anyway.

First, Beth warned us she was going to be asking for our oldest Un-Finished Objects.

Then Sandi at Knitting Daily jumped on the bandwagon with a poll as to how many UFOs one had.

I said 13, but like Beth, I now realize that I missed a few. I’m not going to go into as much detail as Beth, but here’s a quick rundown of the ones I can think of, right off the bat. Many of the more recent UFOs were things I cast on to try out a technique or an idea; I was planning to finish them, but then something more seductive or time-sensitive pushed them out of the way.

The first three are really WIPs, since they’re being actively worked on:

1. A wedding shawl in Suri Alpaca laceweight; more details tomorrow.
2. The Oktoberfest socks.
3. Fetching fingerless mitts for The Preteen.

Now for the true UFOs:

4. One Jaywalker, almost done, in red and black yarn from Oldfield Creek Sock Yarn.

5. Two sock toes in Austermann Step, for toe-up socks two at a time.

6. One sock toe in Yarn Pirate BFL in “Calamity Jane” for a toe-up sock.

7. One knitted uterus, with cervix and lower uterine segment done. (Don’t ask. The scary thing is that this is my second knitted uterus…)

8. A baby blanket in the Ball Band dishcloth pattern, done just to try out the pattern in that idiom and use up stash yarn.

9. A bulky sweater in Fingerpaint (by Plymouth, I think).

10. One Aspen hat (from Twinkle’s Big City Knits) in another colorway of Fingerpaint (I just frogged the Aspen hat made of Bombolo; just too big; or that would have been another one).

11. The Tuxedo sweater from Twinkle in Rowan Big Wool, I think.

12. A chenille scarf in some burgundy yarn from Noro.

13. A small purse from recycled sari silk.

14. A small project to see if Mystical Creation Yarn’s wool/silk yarn will felt.

15. Cabled Mitts by Petra; I’ve knit one and a half, but have misplaced the second skein of yarn I need.

16. One fingerless mitt I used to work out my Mini-Mitts free fingerless mitt pattern. Needs a mate.

17. Three Saartje’s booties, none of which are exactly the same size.

18. A poncho in burgundy Wool-Ease that I used to work out a pattern I was designing for a friend.

19. A ribbed pink (tipped with white) tunic sweater, started for The Preteen when she was about 2 (she’s 12 now). So ten years old. Acrylic never goes out of style, does it? And the moths and carpet beetles don’t care about it. It’s finished up to the armholes, almost, which is a lot of ribbing in baby-weight yarn. Probably has something to do with why it was never finished. Not to mention her baby sister being born and The Preteen deciding she didn’t like pink any more. But that’s not my oldest UFO!

Here it is, UFO at-least-number-20:


My first and, at this point, also last Aran sweater.

This is so old that I completely forgot I started it. I ran across it in a box (which apparently had never gotten unpacked when we moved here in 1994) at the back of a closet maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I thought — did I make this? Did I make this? My husband, who does not usually register knitting, reminded me that I had been working on it in the car as we took a driving trip in fall around Western Michigan, a few months after we were married in May of 1992 (so still in that honeymoon phase, it was a wonderful trip).

Then, when I looked closer, I saw this part and it all came back to me.


See how the seed stitch part widens at the top? That’s when I figured out that — for some reason — even though I did make a swatch (I think!) — my gauge was significantly smaller than the pattern called for, and the sweater wasn’t going to have enough ease. I couldn’t face ripping all of my hard work out. So I just decided to add a few stitches. Ha! Yes, if my torso were shaped like a beach ball and I had no hips, maybe it would fit! It’s no wonder I shoved it in a box and tried to purge it from my memory. The pattern was written traditionally, in the flat, and it was my bright idea to adapt the pattern to knit it in the round. Now, being older and wiser, I know that my stitch gauge is noticeably tighter in the round, as with many continental knitters (there is less yarn manipulation to complete a knit stitch, so tends to be a bit tighter, and of course in the round, most stitches are knit stitches). You know, except for that, it’s not too bad, considering I had never done any significant cabling before.

How old? I don’t know exactly when I started it, (probably earlier in 1992) but I know I was knitting it in September 1992, 15 years and one month ago.

Its destiny? Not to be finished. The pattern was not with it, and I don’t recall where the pattern was from. And the carpet beetle larvae have been at it, so there are thin spots (I also have a partial sleeve to go with this, which I remember I was knitting on the go, which had seriously suffered from carpet beetle munching). I think I’ll try making it into a pillow. My thought is to go ahead and knit another couple inches of twisted rib on the top to make it sort of square, then try felting it (it’s tightly knit, so it won’t felt maximally, but I don’t want maximum feltage anyway since I’d like some detail remaining). I can sew/trim the extra seed stitch before or after felting (if it DOES felt) so that it’s not lopsided. We’ll see. Definitely low on my list of priorities, though it wouldn’t be hard to do. I may throw the sleeve in with a white load one of these days just to see what it does, as a test run.

So there’s my UFO story.

*Edited to add:  I totally forgot about Mystery Stole 3 black fingering weight version and cream laceweight version!  And I found a single Mrs. Beeton-style ruffled cuff in my workbasket.  Oh, yeah, I remember that now.  And . . . umm . . . I think we’ll stop at that.

Here’s the Saturday Sky after the aliens left this morning, still before dawn (I had to work):


And again this afternoon on a gorgeous fall day:


*******Tomorrow — current knitting! Really!*******

Wait! Ooh, ooh! Here’s a photo from about four minutes ago, when I opened the door for my returning Nutcracker rehearsal dancers:


Last glimpse of Saturday Sky:


2 responses to “UFO Saturday

  1. Beautiful sky! So sorry/sad about the Aran, but whatchagonnado? A felted Aran pillow will be nice.

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