Sunday Bits and Bobs

I have no FOs to show you. I have almost finished a pair of Guitar Gloves for the guy, almost finished the first pair of socks I ever started, and made serious plans regarding my next two projects, which I am designing (which process involves a bed strewn full of various stitch dictionaries and knitting books). I have not knit on my father’s Oktoberfest socks; my deep knuckle cut still isn’t up to it (but today for the first time, I really thought it looked a lot better. That was before I knocked it on the bed frame….). Hopefully by this time next week I will be up to bobbling.

In the meantime, I’m still knitting slowly but improving.

This photo from last week of the Red Scarf when it was still in progress will only look strange to those who know me and my knitting ways well (a select few).


What’s strange about it? I’m knitting on Straight Needles! I pretty much always use circulars even for back and forth knitting. Easier to take along, less likely to slip out, less likely to poke other people if I’m knitting in close quarters. But when knitting English style as my injury was forcing me to, the straights were a little easier, as well as much lighter than my Addi Turbos in a large-ish size. These are Susan Bates Crystalites, and I rather liked them! They worked better for me than all the old aluminum needles in my collection that I learned to knit on, fairly pointy, smooth and very lightweight.

So that’s the only knitting I have to show you today.

But, when I had to go into work today, I grabbed my camera because I’m always seeing interesting things I’d like to photograph (last week it was a Proud Grandma minivan with grandchildren’s names painted all across the back bumper, then later the same day a contrail going straight up into the sky, turning pink with the sunset, looking like a phoenix rising).

Yes, it’s raining today.


But I still saw some pretty fall color.


And then, passing a house on the way, I saw this:


Aren’t they cute? They remind me of some sort of inverse Maypole Dance, or perhaps pillowcase druids worshipping the crabapple tree. I’ll have to go for a walk this way and figure out how they were made.

Lastly, I bought a handy little gadget at Office D. that I think will be great for knitting. These pictures bite, but you’ll get the idea. It’s a little zip pouch, that when unzipped stands up, sturdy enough to hold crochet hooks, scissors, etc. Reading glasses, pretty soon perhaps, but for now I can get by with taking my regular glasses off.


I should have put some props in for scale, but it’s about 8 inches long, 2 x 4 inches wide. In the school supply area. For a few bucks, I love it!

In other breaking news, I dressed the avatar for fall. Wish I could get my WeatherPixie to dress properly for the weather; she dresses like the Preteen. Belly shirt at 54 degrees? You’re not wearing that out of this house! (oops, off this blog!)

And you may have noticed the new header. My own photo, of the chrysanthemums in the front garden, taken yesterday. How’s that for breaking news?

Lastly, the flower of the day. Same mums, different picture.


4 responses to “Sunday Bits and Bobs

  1. I saw your comment on Norma’s blog. Do you need the Steam pattern? I can either mail you a copy or just tell you what it is, if you’d like.

  2. looks like your other character is sensibly dressed for fall, though. cardigan, skirt, beret & tall boots!!! Perhaps the pre-teen needs an armada of cardigans. “Honey, you can wear that t-shirt as long as you don’t take off or unbutton this.”

  3. I like the crystal lites OK… They are not so long that they are annoying.

  4. The new header looks fabulous! So fresh and clean looking…and more youthful somehow, or is it contemporary?! Whatever,…. I like it. I dyed my red yarn, by the way, not perfect but will work…is working, 14″ and counting. Old Mother Hen says, ” Baby hand, cuddle hand, let hand do next to nothing……..I know, that is next to impossible” It is HUG-the-Girls Day, so give them one for me.

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