Saturday Sky and a Little Scarf Yarn

It’s October:


There was a little blue sky earlier.


But now we’re apparently heading for three days of rain. October, it is.

I believe I have some yarn finally picked out for my ISE5 pal:


Nestling in the yarrow makes it look like a strawberry, but it’s not! It’s a very soft and lightweight alpaca/merino sport weight yarn.

I am going to knit it with gold bead accents:


I am designing the scarf myself and am deciding on the final details.

Finding the yarn that I’ve had in mind has been the hard part; knitting it will be a lot of fun!

Flowers from this evening:


Doesn’t this little guy look cold?


2 responses to “Saturday Sky and a Little Scarf Yarn

  1. I saw a fly yesterday that looked like a yellow jacket and though of you. The gold bead looks great on that yarn! What is the purple flower in the previous post?

  2. It’s nice to know that bugs make you think of me!
    The flower is a bellflower; I Googled for more information (it was a mystery plant when we were first planting our garden) and it would seem to be Campanula punctata.
    The other purple flower I love in our garden is the Carpathian Bellflower, which I posted pictures of before, and which is in the little avatar icon above: it showed up on my search too, Campanula carpatica. I just like saying that. Campanula carpatica.

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