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My Computer Lied to Me

I *thought* I was ordering red yarn.

(merchant website picture)


But this is what I got:


PINK yarn! (The bottom yarn is the true color of the above yarn pictured in the first photo.)

I was checking out different yarns, trying to decide upon one for my International Scarf Exchange (ISE 5) pal. She likes any color except pink. I am planning a red scarf. So what do I end up with? Dark pink! I think most of these are going back to the merchant. I don’t have any strong need for dark pink. The only truly red yarn of the four red yarns I *thought* I was ordering, was this (click for big):


Which is very nice, but the color changes may not be as suitable for the lace scarf I am envisioning. Perhaps, but I think it would be a bit busy.

Which brings up one of my pet peeves: online sellers/yarn manufacturers that only post a color number, or manufacturers who have a name that gives you no clue as to the color (e.g. “Rage”). We all know color monitors can vary, so a description or at least a somewhat evocative colorway name would be really nice, for those of us whose LYS are limited in their selection and who are forced to shop sight semi-unseen. Mixed colorways, fine; name those whatever you like! But the seller should help interpret, don’t you think?

So that was the less satisfying part of yesterday’s mail.

But how can it be a bad day when yarn comes in the mail?

I am not going to return this, even though it is contains some pinkish also and so not suitable for the scarf I had in mind:


I am not going to return this because it is ShiBuiKnits Silk Cloud lace weight and it is. A Silk Cloud, that is. Colorway Mandarin. I have some more in cream:shi-bui-too.jpg

I wish you could pet it.

And in a separate delightful package, some amazing hand-dyed self-striping yarn from Twisted Fiber Art (artist’s blog), via etsy (her shop):

Borrowed from the seller’s etsy site because her photos are much better and you *have* to see this knitted up: Just look!


Firefly colorway


Ravelry colorway (portion of proceeds help support Ravelry!)


Rodney colorway


Giles colorway

The last two colorways are richer, in the skeins I received, in real life:


Sorry for the blah pictures, it was a dark and dreary day. I really like this striping action, though, it’s not abrupt or jagged like mass-dyed yarn. Here’s the seller’s description of one of the striping patterns:

“The knit sample is pictured to show in general how the colors interact and move as you knit. The yarn may be different but the size of the stripes will be similar. Keep in mind that each skein is unique and will knit in its own beautiful way.

Skein Design: Organic Stripe. When knit this yarn will stripe organically, blending from one color to another without the abrupt changes and predictable repeats found on machine printed yarns. The stripes vary throughout so shaping will not interfere with the look of your knit garment. “

So that was loverly, and a spirit booster.

The best thing, given my day yesterday, was the little bonus skein Meg threw in:


Can you read the colorway name in my inexplicably blurry picture? “Angst”!! How perfect!

And I forgot to brag mention that I received some of Jennifer’s lovely hand-dyed yarn last week! Oh, joy!

Now, the full beauty of the subtle variegation in her yarns does not come across photographically, especially in Dark and Drearyland. And the Electric Blue Slide yarn slid right away from me, apparently, while I was photographing, so I will refer you to here and here to see it.

But looky, looky!


Jennifer’s Flock Sock in Copper Pennies


Flock Sock in Garnet (not coincidentally, one of my favorite stones)


and the yet-to-be-named yarn in Rosetta colorway.

Now, if all of that isn’t a cheerer-upper, I don’t know what is.

Oh, yes, I do know! All of the kind wishes and supportive words you left for me yesterday! I had a nice Pity Party, and you all helped me get over it. All will be well, I am sure. But there is no way to rush healing. (There are lots of ways to sabotage it, however.) Patience is a virtue. Not one of my foremost virtues, always, but a laudable goal.

Thank you for cheering me up while I try to be patient!