More Whine and Cheese

I was (still am, really) feeling sorry for myself today.

Yesterday, I had the stitches taken out of the deep cut on my knuckle. Seven days, they told me, for the stitches to come out, and I waited eight only so I could do it on a Monday. The stitches came out — and the cut came apart the first time I bent my finger.

I wanted to cry. Now it has to heal from the inside out, and in the meantime I have to not grip with that hand, not bend it very much nor too often, and not do an important part of my work. And it’s going to look ugly while it’s healing and probably forever. I am slightly vain about my hands, one part of my body I think is pretty, despite the potato-peeling scar on my little finger and the early signs of arthritis. (“Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.”) Here my hands were, when they were still whole, knitting the Oktoberfest socks, a photo for a blog contest:

knitting-hands-on-lap-cat.jpg hands-too.jpg

and modeling the Piano Mitts and Mini-Mitts:


OK, I know, they’re just hands. [I should have taken a photo with the stitches in; it didn’t look too bad, just like I had my own personal spider conga line dancing across my knuckle. ] And heaven knows, I have enough scars here and there that one more — not even an inch long — shouldn’t bother me. And it does hurt less today. But they’re *my* hands, y’know? Worse, right now, I can only knit with difficulty and caution, and that’s really ticking me off. I even have had to switch from Continental to English, which slows me down considerably above and beyond the knuckle thing. (It’s my left little finger, which seems to be more an active participant with ‘picking’.) And I have so many things I need and want to knit! Waah!

Well, I did cheer up slightly tonight; the poor mail carrier only got to our house in the dark at 7 pm (!), but he had some yarny goodness for me, though joy was not unmixed with angst (more on that tomorrow, when I can take pictures). But some of the yarny goodness was very good indeed. And I got to go to my dance class, for the first time in way over a month (I’ve been too busy doing mom things to take the time for myself). Oh, I’ll be sore tomorrow and the next day, but it will be a good sore. And I came home to a very funny email from the Tsarina of Tsocks, which made me laugh and laugh, and I couldn’t explain it to my family, which made me laugh even more. There is something healing about laughter, yes?

And speaking of the Tsarina, I was absolutely sure there was one more knitting thing I wanted to share with you yesterday, and I finally remembered what it was. It was continuing on with the theme of knitting in the visual arts, and it was the Tsarina’s blog post from Friday night. You *must* see this work of art, and its story. At the very least, you have to see the cat with knitted soakers on. [Thought that would get you.]

Here are some flower photos from the last few weeks to cheer myself up on this cloudy, windy, 30-degree-colder-than-yesterday-day (of course, that suits my mood, so I don’t know why I’m complaining about that). To heck with my photo storage capacity!




and one of my favorite flowers:

There, I feel a little better.

9 responses to “More Whine and Cheese

  1. I do understand about your hands. As a server, crafter and a massage therapist – I would be just as upset. Did you try some superglue, seriously?? Hospitals use it nowadays instead of stitches.

    And thanks for the pics!

    I saw Tsar’s post last Friday and I could relate.

  2. Crafty Librarian

    That sounds like a poo day indeed.

    I try to think of my hands of records of my life. I look at them and see the dents in my fingers where my wedding and engagement rings live and remember those particular days, the scar across one knuckle from a cat food tin that bit back reminds me of my cat Domino, always hungry, yet somehow always sleeping, the really bad circulation in my fingernails that helped encourage me to learn to knit (my fingers get very stiff from typing all day, so I now take regular knitting/crochet breaks to exercise and warm them) … perfect hands have no history and nothing to tell.

    And then make up a story to tell the grandkids about how you were protecting your yarn from being attacked by an alligator and that’s how you got the scar!

    You could try crochet until you can use both hands?

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. I’m so sorry about your poor hand. I totally understand because I too am rather vain about my hands because they are, I think, my best feature. I currently have a burn on my ring finger (how the heck did that happen, anyway?) that I’m really hoping won’t leave a scar.

  4. I’m with you on the whining. I had a bad day myself yesterday. I’m hoping for a better day today–hope you get one, too.

  5. Aw, man!! I’m sorry to hear that and understand why it’s a downer completely.

    The flowers are beautiful, by the way.

  6. They ARE pretty hands (“Damn it, Harriet, my one really shameful piece of personal vanity – I am idiotically proud of having inherited the Wimsey hands”), though you do them a disservice perhaps by juxtaposing them with such a very handsome cat; he tends to draw attention away from everything else in the picture. And they’ll be pretty again, and they’ll heal soon. It just doesn’t feel soon when you’re on this side of it….

  7. Sucks! Did you put any good grease on it while it healed? Will you this time? You know, vitamin E or beeswax or something…does seem to help. Also herbal Calendula ointment or Bach flower remedies ‘rescue remedy’ are good for healing scars more quickly. The mitts seemed good today… will wear them a few more days and give you more particular feedback.

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