Daily Archives: October 8, 2007

Monday Link-Fest

Odds and ends I forgot to mention earlier:

Though I had little actual knitting to show before yesterday, there were other knitting tidbits which I had intended to post.

First, on Friday when I was involved in taking my car in to be looked at over lunchtime (it may be that its recent partial submersion was not good for it, fancy that! I might have clarified that I drove *through* the pond in the last photo just before I parked and took the photograph), Wisconsin Public Radio was playing a musical piece entitled “Les Tricoteuses”, “The Knitters”.  It was a harpsichord piece by Francois Couperin, evoking flying, flashing metal needles.  I was not aware that there was knitting classical music.  Cool!  And how rare that I would be in a position to hear WPR during the day.  It was meant to be.  Thanks, I needed to be distracted from brooding about the probable cost of the car repair!

Second, knitting in classical art, I’m more aware of than knitting in music, but here’s breaking news about a yarn-y painting of the masters, reported here.  A stolen painting of the Madonna and her yarn winder was recovered recently.  See it at the above link.

And some more knitting news here:  (One must be careful whom one invites to knit nights, apparently!)

Fourth, I forgot to show you the other acquisition that came with my purty needles and soft yarn from Knit Picks.  Egged on by this post, I purchased “Wrapped in Comfort“, which features lace shawls with slightly larger yarns (sport weight, for example), for a lacey look but knitting up much faster than laceweight.  (Follow the book link above and click on “View More Images” under the book cover photo to see the shawls.  They are lovely.)  I am delighted by the stories that accompany each shawl, as the designs take on much more meaning to me, and the author, Alison Jeppson Hyde,  includes ideas and tips about designing your own shawls.  Sarah-Hope, a fellow Cotton Commando in the recent Dish Rag Tag, whose blog I saw this on, does have additional comments on a later post.  Thanks, Sarah-Hope, one of these shawls is definitely on my short list!  (But which one, I haven’t completely decided….)

Lastly, a very enjoyable “Knit After-Knoon” and Apple Pie Sampling happened last Saturday pm at my friend Lee’s house.  I didn’t take pictures, except I almost got a picture of Karla’s “Yoga Dog” doing an inverted pose, but then we startled her and the picture was gone.   We knit (for me, a little of the Oktoberfest socks, then switched to Red Scarf when my hand hurt more), we chatted, I whined about my hand (stitches come out today!) and worried about Lee’s running injury (see all the things that are bad for you?  Doing dishes, running….).   Lee’s apple pie (made from apples from a family orchard!) was so wonderful.  Tasted like fall.

Still very warm (70 degrees F) and muggy when I got up this morning; then the rain let loose when I was going to work.  Tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 50s, lows around 40.   Fall will finally be here for real!  It would have been nice if there were an in-between hot and cold, but ah well, I’ll take it.  I can’t believe I actually turned on our window air conditioner, which we hadn’t gotten around to taking out yet, in OCTOBER.  Crazy.

Here’s an autumnal picture for today: