Happy Birthday to Helen

Just a brief and non-knitting post today (knitting is still impaired by my hand injury, so not much to show anyway), but I wanted to mark my mother-in-law, Helen’s, birthday. I wish she were still here with us to celebrate it. Helen was diagnosed with colon cancer the day after her 70th birthday, and after a chemo-induced remission which allowed her to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary in great health and spirits, the cancer came back. She loved her granddaughters more than about anything; took in strays of all sorts, especially the human kind; laughed, smiled, sang and cooked her way through life.


Helen Eileen Knezevich Muchow with her beloved husband Bob, and the Gothlet and The Preteen (in earlier incarnations), in Helen’s Minnesota back yard.

Here’s the flowering crabapple tree we planted for her:



“Remember, be brave.”

It’s been years, but I miss her every day and I wish she were still around to keep giving her granddaughters hugs. But she still loves them, I believe, and we still love her and keep her in our hearts.

Hey, can I nag you?

If you’re over 50, or if you have a close relative who had colon cancer even if you’re younger — get that colonoscopy! It’s not so bad (just the prep, yuck, but they’ve got really good drugs for the procedure, believe me) and it’s potentially life-saving. Helen had not had one, because no one had recommended it to her at that point until she developed symptoms. Colon cancer, like cervical cancer, can be picked up and PREVENTED by finding and treating it in its precancerous stages in most people; IF they have screening. It’s one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in this country. And it’s preventable.

Do it for those who love you.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday to Helen

  1. Both dh and I had one this year, and we’re only 46. I’m sure Helen would be pleased w/ the tree. Yowsa, what a lot of rain!

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