Sock-Tober First

There’s a sock contest going on at Quiddity:

The third annual Show Your Socks Contest, in fact!

 I am relatively newer to sock knitting, my first sock being only 2 or 3 years ago.  But this is a contest I can enter!

Jane asks us to show our first and last socks.

Well, here are the first pair of socks I *started*:


These are from Paton’s Kroy sock yarn (before I got hooked on the hard stuff), pattern is “Straight-Laced” from knitty.

Yes, that’s two socks on 2 circular needles.  Can’t do things the easy way.  That’s no doubt part of why these socks were started but not finished!  Actually, the main reason is that these socks got lost for almost two years; they were in a little bag which somehow got mixed in with some attic stuff.  So they will be completed, once I get some other time-sensitive projects done!  They look like nothing to write home about in the photo, but here on the right foot, you can see that they have promise. I’m past the heel turn, chugging away.


But on the left foot — my first FINISHED sock!

Cascade Fixation and Wendy of Wendy Knits’ generic toe-up sock pattern.

After success with this one, then I finally dared knit socks for someone else.  But I like to knit for myself first if I’m trying something really new; that way, if I end up goofing up minorly or needing to finagle something, I don’t feel I have to rip it out.  As long as it fits and isn’t completely hideous, I’ ll wear it with a few boo-boos!

My LAST sock follows a similar theme.  First, the WIP:


Why, yes, I do have a few UFOs here and there (or hither and yarn, har, har!) — why do you ask?

These are the wonderful Oktoberfest socks, though with a twist (see yesterday’s post).

And the last pair of FINISHED socks to come off my needles:


Fern Lace Socks, my own design, but arising from Wendy’s newer basic pattern of toe-up gusset socks.  Panda Cotton in the Fern colorway.

There you have it — a tale of four socks and three half socks (how sad!) .  But there will be a happy ending!

6 responses to “Sock-Tober First

  1. My first pair of socks were on dpn’s. It was stressful, avoiding the poking of the many sharp points. I now knit socks toe up, have no leftover yarn, knit both at the same time on two circulars. I can’t get over how magical it is to see the socks grow. When the needles come off, the set is done!

    With your “lost now found” pair, you have managed to get through the most difficult part of socks (the heel)…they should be a “breeze” to finish up! The colorway looks yummy.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are going to love knitting the Coriolis socks. They look kind of crazy off the foot, but fit really fine around the foot. They don’t look like they would, though.

    You certainly have been busy with socks!!


  3. Wow- I thought you had knit more socks than this. Well… I know you have plenty of yarn for lots of future sock knitting! 🙂

  4. Hi there! I just wandered over after reading your comments in my blog. Thanks for visiting and I don’t mind if you borrow the hands. I, too, was afraid of leaving the mitts to speak for themselves, as I don’t expect non-fiber folks to get the memo, you know? Without thumbs they don’t look like much of anything. Plus I wanted to keep them together. 😀

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