Daily Archives: September 30, 2007

I am the Color of….



Well, I can see that, and it’s very close, but that’s not precisely what the yarn is intended to be.

A sunflower?



How about straw at harvest time?


Close, but not today!

No, I, the yarn,



“‘the color of wheat, the color of corn’ . . . the pale golden amber of ale.”

I am BEER!


At least, that’s what the master dyer and the designer had in mind.

The yarn and project are for Oktoberfest socks! (Follow the link to see, I don’t want to borrow pictures without asking.)

This was the Perfect Birthday Present for my father, whose birthday always falls near the beginning of our local Oktoberfest celebration, who is German/Irish, and who loves beer!
Now I had every intention of showing you an FO (does one sock count as an FO? In my book, yes!) But as it is, I have only a WIP, and not much of one at that:


(My foot, not the recipient’s, hence a little big.)

You know, besides my eternal optimism, life interfered; for example, I had people over at my house this week, which necessitated hours of cleaning, which could have been spent knitting.

And I restarted the sock three times; once because I goofed up, next time after I realized the recipient’s foot was not as big as I thought it was. Third time was a charm.

And then I was e-conversing with the Tsock Tsarina, the designer of the sock, and mentioned that I was going to try to find a less lacey but still barley-cornish pattern stitch to replace the barley eyelet, since the recipient wasn’t an eyelet kinda guy. She returned with a brand new stitch pattern that she invented specifically! It looks great (well, the stitch does, my execution and photography may be a little lacking. You try doing a close-up of a sock that’s on your foot! Oh, wait; some of you have!) ; )


And this is the first short row heel I have been completely, utterly happy with (no holes!)


and it looks like grains of barley, too


which was the designer’s idea, I am certain. I have learned a number of things from this project, besides the un-holey short row heel, and I will pass them all on for your knitting enlightenment when I have an FO (or two!) to share.

Well, the last reason I don’t have an FO to show, or even much more of a WIP, is that not long ago I was putting dishes away, having just washed my hands, and a heavy bowl slipped out of my hands as I was putting it away. It apparently rebounded as it broke and sliced my knuckle fairly nicely. Fortunately, it just missed the tendon. I definitely need both hands to knit and to do what I do at work! And because I was busy holding pressure on the laceration, I couldn’t even take my knitting to the ER!! Talk about frustrating!

Before and after (I’ll spare you hand pictures):


The people in the ER were all very nice and quite efficient, considering, though (and I know the doctor who sewed me up), so I am all put back together with minimal restrictions. But the Manly Barleycorn (working title only!) stitch pattern requires some tension on the needles to do, and it was causing my cut to be unhappy in several ways, so I am going to stick to easy-peasy no-needle-manipulation-required for a few days, I guess; to whit, this:


I seem to be starting a tradition of not-quite-finished presents for my father, whose birthday it is today! A year or two ago, it was a cardigan which took a seemingly inordinate amount of time to finish. It was meant as a birthday present, then ended up as a post-holiday present. Then I had to take it back and re-do part of it to make it fit better. It would probably also help if I could stop being impelled to alter any pattern I come across. . . . there is a certain amount of frogging inherent in that approach.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dad!

But my father is leaving today for a two-week trip to Spain and Portugal with friends, lucky retired guy, so after making him try on the WIP for a fit check (useful *before* finishing the rest of the foot and the other sock!), I now have a couple weeks to finish it. Good thing, too, being somewhat knitting-impaired currently.

Hope your weekend was less eventful than mine! Or at least in a different way!

Oh, before I forget, here’s yesterday’s Saturday Sky — before it Rained On The Parade (the Oktoberfest Maple Leaf Parade and my children, that is):


Hey, a few years ago it was snow on the parade, so rain is not so bad! (I can say that, of course, I wasn’t out in it. Though I did send my children with warm clothes and raincoats and an umbrella, despite the fact that the forecaster had apparently not recently glanced at the radar and kept denying the possibility of rain. Moms know these things. Or at least can read a radar image, eh?)