Colors redux — Fall and What Color Am I Now?

From my front porch, I can see a maple finally changing color. The fall colors are late this year, because we’ve had unseasonably warm weather other than the night a couple weeks ago that the temperature hovered around freezing, way too early. So the trees are confused. But this was the view from my front porch last night:


with our little Japanese maple in the foreground and a sugar maple across the street.

Not much color looking the other way, though:


A few cool nights, which have just started to happen, and the bluffs will turn warm sunset colors.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you what yesterday’s yarn color was designed to evoke without giving the project away. I promise I’ll show you Sunday when the stealth project has been revealed! I love reading your impressions, and now I completely can see corn on the cob! (However, I don’t think it’s accidental that most of the corn comments were posted before dinner….) It’s interesting how color evokes an emotional response, though it may not be obvious. Like my childhood ‘mean yellow’, as I mentioned yesterday. Or as smells also do cause an emotional reaction.

BUT — last night as I sat in front of my computer knitting the stealth project, I held up the yarn, and decided that even though the photo looked good initially, that the color was off just ever so slightly. Maybe it was just the compact fluorescents that my husband put in lately, even though they’re supposed to be color balanced. But with the help of color adjustment, different lights and lots of squinting, here’s (I think) a slightly truer representation of the color:


Do you have the same impression? Different? It’s just a small change, which may not even seem noticeable to anyone but me (and the yarn and pattern designers!) but does it evoke something different for you? What do you think?

Speaking of small things, this is for Lisa:

Another composite flower!


This is the center of an aster in my garden. Isn’t it lovely? Who knew?

(Edited to add:  From my work computer, yesterday’s yarn color looks more accurate.  From my home computer, today’s does.  So the true color, depending on your computer and my lighting, is — perhaps not between, but rather one or the other!  There will be FO pictures in a few days, so we’ll see how those look.) 

5 responses to “Colors redux — Fall and What Color Am I Now?

  1. beautiful fall trees in your neighborhood, I’m so jealous! And I adore that color, yesterday does seem more yellowish and today seems more orangish. That or I haven’t had my coffee and my eyes aren’t open yet.

  2. Cathy:

    I saw your comment at my knitting blog and just wanted to come here and thank you for letting me know how you dressed up your daughter as Hermione a few years back.

    The only thing we don’t have is the graduation robe, and your suggestion of hitting a vintage shop for that was *perfect*. I am now really excited about getting this costume together, whereas before I felt kind of badly about “copping out.” So thank you so much!

  3. The first photo is so autumnal! The trees are just starting to turn in my neck of the woods. I wish I could fast foward a few weeks, because this is my fave time of year. Lovely colors, yummy smells, and no more summer clothes (which I hate with a passion!)!

  4. What a great picture of the little tube flowers on the aster!

  5. DH is sitting here complaining… says to pull your camera back.

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