Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

What Color Am I?

I have been musing about color lately, only egged on by Margene‘s post today about the very same subject.

One of the questions in the color meme that she has posted, is whether your favorite color has changed over the years.

I may do the whole meme at some point to explore color more, but that particular question just played right into my musings already in progress.

My favorite color certainly has changed, but what I find even more interesting is that my color dislikes have shifted and greatly decreased. I am much more tolerant of many more colors than I used to be, and see beauty in almost all. I personally don’t wear pastels, but they can be lovely in the right combination, for example. Or brights, which I used to abhor, can really perk up a knitted object or possibly an outfit.

And my least favorite color of my past leads me to my ‘color object lesson’ and to the stealth knitting project on which I am currently working.

No detailed photos, therefore, for obvious reasons, but here’s the scoop.

I used to dislike yellow as a child. Pretty intensely, actually. I distinctly remember writing a poem about yellow in elementary school in which I described it as a “mean” color.

But, I ask you: how could anyone dislike this?


Rich, subtly variegated golden yellow. Mmm! (Well, I suppose anyone can dislike anything, chacun à son goût, but believe me, if you saw this yarn in person, you’d be mesmerized.)

So here’s a poll:

What does this make you think of?

I know what the fiber artist & designer intended it to evoke, so I’m biased; but I’m curious about what it reminds you of.

Leave a comment and let me know!

(P.S.: a couple blog readers MAY know the yarn and its project. If so, don’t spill the beans in your comment, the future recipient could possibly read this blog!)