Squirrel of Doom

Do you all have black squirrels where you live?

I think this one is giving me the death stare because he’s wet (after a thunderstorm) and cranky, and in no mood for paparazzi. But you can see why, when I moved here after just reading The Lord of the Rings, I was reminded of the black squirrels of Mirkwood.

Here’s another scary one, in the twilight:

Evil! Evil, I tell you!

4 responses to “Squirrel of Doom

  1. Oh, I *love* the black squirrels! They’re no smarter than the other ones (at least the ones on campus aren’t) but they are cuter.

  2. How did you ever stay out in the dark and actually take a picture of that THING….Positively frightening!!! No, none of those here in Texas, just the 6-foot water maccasin type that aren’t afraid to slither in the house if they have a desire to do so….ug! Behind the house is a bird preserve, and when it really rains hard, we have “lake front property”. That is when the big snakes appear. They fest on the frogs that the “lake” produces. We love the birds…..gotta take the good with the not so great!

  3. No black squirrels around here, but there is a large population of them in Syracuse. They are a melanistic variation of the gray squirrel. I forget if this more or less common than albinism. I’m thinking less, but once the gene is in the population, it spreads around (or SOMEthing like that!). Also I seem to remember there’s supposed to be an Ottowa pop?

  4. Oooh, we have black squirrels in our neck of the woods (Letchworth, UK). They are smaller and cuter than the greys, and much more intelligent. Annoying though, as they systematically remove all the cobnuts and filberts from the trees in our garden while we are not looking before they ripen enough for us to eat, and plant peanuts (that are meant for the birds) in all the flowerpots. Fortunately it isn’t hot enough for them to grow! What a strange thing to have in common with your ISE5 partner!

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