Saturday Sky After the Storm

Here’s the beautiful blue sky this morning, before I rode my bike to work. What a gorgeous early fall day!

This is in sharp contrast to yesterday afternoon, when the sky turned black at 5 pm, as a narrow but intense line of thunderstorms headed our way (similar to the storm system that had resulted in tornadoes in the northern Twin Cities at evening rush hour the day before). I had NOT ridden my bike to work, having seen the forecast, and stayed at work a little later until it passed over.

45 minutes after the black sky and the high winds had passed, I drove home to this (not our house, but just a block away):

Fortunately, the car and the house seem undamaged. Whew!

Look at the sky to the north as I took this picture — less than an hour after the storm!


I am so grateful that we took down the silver maple in our front yard several years ago. It was old, big and lovely; it surrounded our small upper porch, as though you were sitting in a treehouse, and shaded my daughter’s west-facing bedroom window from the fierce July sun. But limbs kept dying, and branches would break off in storms. So, three years ago, a friend in the tree business took it down — and lo and behold, it was completely rotted out from the inside (apparently silver maples are notorious for this). We turned that whole part of the front yard where it was, about 1/3 of the yard, into a ‘yarden’, which I love, and planted a pretty little Japanese maple, a hardy cultivar, which will not ever shade the porch but is a lovely sight.

So, the Silver Maple would certainly have come down in part or in toto in one of these storms we’ve had. Glad it’s gone. Let me show you, however, what I like to call the Conifer of Damocles:

See that second floor window? That’s our bedroom window. Specifically, ‘my side of the bedroom’ window. That tree sways wildly in winds like these, and when the storms are blowing up from the south, the tree brushes the window you can see, and another one directly over my head. I’m hoping that the flexibility of the tree’s trunk makes it less likely to come down, and its location between the houses may be a little protected. But in the big storms last month that caused the flooding, I saw an equally large spruce tree upended in someone’s yard. Gulp. My husband’s been talking about this one needing to come down too, because it also has a number of dead branches, more every year. But it’s on the property line between our neighbors and us, and they’re a little reluctant to take it down. Guess whose house it would fall on, though, if it did. Not theirs, likely. I hate to see trees go, but I don’t want a tree falling on my head during one of these 2 am thunderstorms, either.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees F and humid — NOT usual Wisconsin weather for later September. The deciduous trees have hardly even started to change yet, since the weather’s been so warm. But today is supposed to be a high in the low 70s — lovely.

So last night, my ‘fun’ thing was that we went to see the Harlem Gospel Choir at the Fine Arts University in town. They were awesome. We the audience were a bit pathetic; a bunch of Scandahoovian Lutherans who were NOT comfortable standing up, clapping and shaking our booties to Gospel Music. I did, and so did (wonder of wonders!) The Preteen! And my husband, who loves wonderful music of whatever persuasion (and is a good dancer to boot). I’m not sure my father did so much booty-shaking, though….

I’m happy to report a knitting first for me (even though this particular knitting accomplishment is not on the knitting meme that’s still wandering around):

I knit and danced simultaneously! I was working on a hat (photo soon) and during a non-clapping part, I knit and shook what I’ve got to shake simultaneously. I can’t speak as to the quality of the dancing, but the knitting looks fine!

5 responses to “Saturday Sky After the Storm

  1. Good idea about the maple. You notice how maples roots on always poking thru the soil, very shallow roots, notorious for coming down extremely easy in scary wind weather.

    You have a gorgeous house.

    I like to lay on the ground and watch the tops of trees sway.

  2. You might contact a tree service about “windsailing”. At least that’s what it was called when we had some of our huge fir trees done. They take off branches selectively all the way up the trunk (including all dead ones) and this opens up the tree so the wind blows through it and it doesn’t sway so much. It’s supposed to make the tree healthier, too. (It’s definitely not topping the tree.) All I can say is the trees we had done look great and don’t blow that much when we have a storm.

  3. Wow!!! That is some storm damage! We had some unexpected rain yesterday and the threat of thunderstorms but they never materialized.

  4. hey there! Too bad I didn’t know you were coming to Harlem, I worked in the box office, could have met up and checked out each other’s knitting!

    Since we haven’t (yet) gotten together for the mystery stole (which I haven’t touched….knitting other things myself!) we could have met at the show…..


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