Mo’ Mitts

Here is more visual proof of the amazing one-size-fits-pretty-much-everyone nature of the Piano Teacher’s fingerless gloves:


The husband actually consented to allow a hand photograph, though perhaps the lacey edge is not his style. I assure you, his hands are not small.

But I had to tweak the pattern. Here’s Mark II, The Mini-Mitt, more streamlined above the wrist:


This was made deliberately shorter, so as to be able to knit two mitts from one skein of the Baby Cashmere. Hence “Mini-Mitt”.
I also like the thumb gusset shaping better. I’ll write up the pattern in the very near future. Hopefully tomorrow!

The Gothlet requested I take a picture of this fascinating bug on our Painted Daisies. (This is a new insect to me. Lisa??)


An insectless view of the Painted Daisies in the evening light:


2 responses to “Mo’ Mitts

  1. OK, no idea about the insect! Does it have two wings (if so then in the fly family) or four? A better shot of its head and thorax might (MIGHT!) help me. But a guess outta my arse is some kind of fly (or maybe wasp, but I’m more with fly…but really guessing!!!!!)

  2. Lisa found the bug!
    Her sources say it’s a “yellow-collared scape moth”, Cisseps
    fulvicollis, in the Ctenuchid family – a group that overall are common, active during the day, and feed on flowers.

    Enquiring minds want to know!

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