Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

Chilly Saturday Sky (and more fingerless mitts)

Frost warnings this morning. There wasn’t any frost on my roof or car windows, but others in town had some. We usually don’t get a frost for a couple weeks yet. Cold as it was, there was a chilly fog:


Someone has their furnace on already, see the smoke. Can’t blame them. It’s sure not my friend, who doesn’t turn the heat on till November 1 (unless maybe it snows). She was raised a hardy farm girl!



Then the fog started to lift:


And by the time I was done with work at lunchtime, of course it was a gorgeous (cool) day:


Now, just like last week’s Saturday Sky, let me tell you that there’s usually a bluff in some of those pictures. Actually, let me show you. Just for you, my blog readers, I went back and took more pictures after work of how things usually look:

(Thumbnails, click to enlarge if you wish.)


Yes, really the same view, look at the trees in the foreground and the conifer just behind the smaller tree on the right.


This is Grandad (or Grandad’s) Bluff, the highest bluff in the area, and the visual focal point of my city. I can see the bluff out our eastern windows, so when I get up, I check to see which way and how hard the wind is blowing the huge flag at the top of the bluff, to get a weather preview. (See the flag in the righthand picture just above?)

Apparently, Grandad’s Bluff is mentioned in Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi.


(I’ll have to look that up for myself some time.)

How about a bit of knitting?

Here’s the pattern I’m working on, the piano teacher’s mitts, knit from elann.com Baby Cashmere (alpaca/merino/cashmere fingering weight):


They fit me (and the intended recipient) pretty much perfectly. But here they are (before ends were woven in) on my 9-year-old, and they fit her too! Amazing!


I even made my husband try them on; he does not have small hands at all; but they pretty much fit him as well. It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

So I’m going to knit these mitts again, refining the fit a little with the second pair, and then maybe write the pattern up. It’s simple, obviously, and these could be embellished easily with a lace pattern or cable on the back, but they’re very soft, warm and comfortable. Very suitable for indoor wear for those of us who don’t turn the heat on September, or who keep the heat low the winter through.