Ephemeral Art

Don’t you love the word ‘ephemeral’?

It reminds me of “The Little Prince“.

I thought I’d show you the wearable but ephemeral art the female members of the family acquired at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. (The male member of the family has multiple examples of permanent wearable art so does not feel the need for henna, obviously.)

First, you saw mine already, startling one of the calves in the Miracle of Birth Center:


And here’s The Preteen’s:

preteen-henna.jpg I like the lotus a lot.

And lastly, the Gothlet’s, which is fading fast, partly because she’s a good handwasher, but also I think it’s that young skin growing and renewing itself quickly:


A tiny dragon with character.

Lastly, the parenting gurus talk about logical consequences of actions, rather than arbitrary punishment.

So, the logical consequence of using your mother’s camera without permission while she’s out of the car?


The embarrassing picture you took of yourself ends up on the internet.

Makes sense to me.

9 responses to “Ephemeral Art

  1. Oh yeah, show her that when she’s 17 or something!!

  2. A bakery could scan the image and place it on a cake. a year’s wait– but it could be fun!

  3. Hehe, makes sense to me! =)

  4. Now *that’s* a logical consequence! Well done.

    By the way, I have read that black henna can have formulations that contain something that can permanently scar the skin, so stick with the brown.


  5. The henna artists (whom we patronized last year too) told us the same thing about the henna — how to tell ‘real’, safe henna from other products. They were true artists; drew everything free-hand, no stencils etc. Way cool.

  6. I love the hennas. And the photo is priceless. So much more satisfying to embarrass them than to just give them a timeout, eh?

  7. There was an article in one of my throw-away journals which showed a teen with an localized allergic reaction to henna…it was not pretty…(I still want to try it though).

  8. I’ll add henna to my list of things to try soon — way too cool. And I’m a big fan of Embarrassment as Discipline for teenagers — it gets their attention way faster than anything else.

  9. Hello Cathy-Cate,

    I found your blog link on http://www.and sewknitbegins
    I crochet in the group Marcia started at Quakertown
    Quilts in Friendswood, Texas.

    The flower photos are beautiful! I grew up in NJ so when September rolls around it is officially Autumn for me also, at least in spirit, but I have a hard time convincing the weather here.
    (We are south of Houston).

    I don’t knit, but I liked all your wonderful knitting projects.

    I also liked the indian dancing. That must have been

    God bless all of you and keep creating!


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