Daily Archives: September 9, 2007

Who’s doing the laundry?

Not me, apparently. It was another one of those weekends — different flavor from last weekend, but full of Events. Community and doing-good kind of events.

Saturday morning, we walked to help support breast cancer research. Here was the Saturday Sky as we walked to the walk (hmm, something funny-sounding about that….)


We walked part of the way on a path along the river behind the hospital at which I work:


Pretty, eh? This is one of the three rivers that meet where I live. Myth has it that Native American legend says that no tornadoes will occur where three rivers meet. Don’t know if that has any grain of truth, but it’s true that tornadoes seem to go north and south of us, and I’ve had to go down in the basement for tornado warnings a couple times, but there has never been a documented tornado touchdown in my city.

Here’s the walkers; a beautiful day for it, as you can see.


The scarf I showed you in the last post did sell to benefit this cause, so that was cool.

Then I ran errands, took The Preteen shopping, cleaned, and fell asleep with the lights on in my bedroom, knitting and book in front of me.

Before that, here was the Saturday Sky in the evening (fear not, I didn’t take this picture, I had The Preteen take it — I was driving).


Today, after church, there was a neighborhood/church block party (my husband played in the praise band),

where even Preteens had fun, as long as they thought no one was watching:

preteen-giant-slide-really-cropped.jpg balloon-pop.jpg

and then we left that early to go to a Nutcracker Ballet benefit, where the knit items I made were very well received. (Meaning sold! to help raise money for new costumes.) I also made dance necklaces, which to my surprise didn’t sell all that well, but I think they’re cool. They were inspired by The Tsock Tsarina’s stitch markers. Here they are:


The significance of this is that dancers tend to count beats and choreography in 8’s (baffles musicians like my husband); so in rehearsal, often you’re counted into a dance phrase with “5, 6, 7, 8!”. Ah well, they’ll be put on sale at the dance studio, so there will be further opportunities for them. Here are a couple dancers at the end of their performance:


Don’t know who that handsome guy is dancing with my daughter….

So I DID do one and a half loads of laundry (half load? meaning I have to go put it in the dryer now) this weekend, and raised lots of money for charity, and got a sunburn because even though it’s 57 degrees in the morning, doesn’t mean the sun can’t burn you two hours later (which I know very well, of course), and knit most of one fingerless glove for the Gothlet, and saw a lot of different people I know, and did have a lot of fun. But I’m feeling too tired and behind on things to go to work tomorrow. Tant pis! (Too bad!)