FO Friday!

I keep promising pictures of recently finished knit birthday presents — so without further ado, here they are:

The Fern Lace Socks, completed!


Though I only show one, be assured there are a pair, pretty much alike, and completely done.

Specs: Knit in Panda Cotton, Fern colorway, on size 0 needles.

Pattern: Wendy’s toe-up gusset sock with Horseshoe Lace pattern inserted (making a V at the toe and at the heel turn, rather cunningly if I do say so myself, though I don’t have a great photo of it).

I like the yarn, even if a bit splitty with the lace pattern; it makes such a great fabric. I will knit more socks from this yarn, as evidenced by my weekend purchases, as I know a few people with very sensitive skin who should do well with this yarn. Although usually I wouldn’t care for a variegated yarn with a lace pattern, this simple lace with the three stockinette stitches together as well as the fact that this yarn is shades of one color make it work, I think. In fact, I like the way this lace breaks up the variegation much better than the way the yarn looks on the sole. The colors make little arches — like ferns!

Here’s the proud owner modeling it again.


Why, yes, I’m a little proud of these socks. Why do you ask?

And here are the musician husband’s guitar-playing gloves:


My own design; elann Esprit (cotton/elastic similar to Cascade Fixation) in black, on (I think) size 2 needles.

Though these fit comfortably snugly, my husband likes them to fit really tightly for guitar playing, so I’ll carefully wash then and put them in the dryer on low; I know this yarn shrinks a bit.

And a scarf for charity, modeled by the Gothlet:


I’ve trimmed the fringe a bit since taking the picture (quick! get a photo before the light’s gone entirely!). It’s about 6 feet long, made from Webs’ Fantasia yarn (NZ mohair).

I thought this would be overly bright, but I had it at work yesterday, finishing it, and several co-workers really liked it. So hopefully others will too. It will be up for sale tomorrow as part of a fundraising event for breast cancer research, together with a few other things I’ve knit. I’m not sure about pricing. . . . you want it to sell, but you want the maximum amount for the charity. . . I’ll probably ask close to $20.

I may use this yarn again (this was a full skein, but I have a second) doing color stranding with a black yarn; I think it would look really cool in that setting.

Lastly, because you’ve missed them:

Friday evening flowers!


Mums mean it’s fall, eh?

4 responses to “FO Friday!

  1. Speedy work on the socks and fingerless mitts!

  2. Those socks are beautiful. Green is one my favorite colors.

  3. andsewknitbegins

    The socks are really a work of precision. I like so much that the heel shows the design. Gothlet can wear clogs and show off Mom’s beautiful knitting. Number 1’s……so that is a lot of knitting!

    I would really like to see those fingerless gloves in action…. šŸ™‚


  4. I think you should start a side column entitalled ‘knitting adventures of the friends (or some other catchy phrase). There your slower knitting friends who do not knit when they dictate or when they read or when they sleep could display their finished projects. Once in a while. Maybe we could recruit as many as we could. (In other words, you are amazing!) But at least we could be noted in a blog. Kind of like the show I wathced while running on the treadmill at the Y today (painfully running, I hate treadmills)-a woman agreed to be a Vegas show dancer for a day. Likewise, we could attain some knitting fame too. I love the socks.

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