Daily Archives: September 7, 2007

FO Friday!

I keep promising pictures of recently finished knit birthday presents — so without further ado, here they are:

The Fern Lace Socks, completed!


Though I only show one, be assured there are a pair, pretty much alike, and completely done.

Specs: Knit in Panda Cotton, Fern colorway, on size 0 needles.

Pattern: Wendy’s toe-up gusset sock with Horseshoe Lace pattern inserted (making a V at the toe and at the heel turn, rather cunningly if I do say so myself, though I don’t have a great photo of it).

I like the yarn, even if a bit splitty with the lace pattern; it makes such a great fabric. I will knit more socks from this yarn, as evidenced by my weekend purchases, as I know a few people with very sensitive skin who should do well with this yarn. Although usually I wouldn’t care for a variegated yarn with a lace pattern, this simple lace with the three stockinette stitches together as well as the fact that this yarn is shades of one color make it work, I think. In fact, I like the way this lace breaks up the variegation much better than the way the yarn looks on the sole. The colors make little arches — like ferns!

Here’s the proud owner modeling it again.


Why, yes, I’m a little proud of these socks. Why do you ask?

And here are the musician husband’s guitar-playing gloves:


My own design; elann Esprit (cotton/elastic similar to Cascade Fixation) in black, on (I think) size 2 needles.

Though these fit comfortably snugly, my husband likes them to fit really tightly for guitar playing, so I’ll carefully wash then and put them in the dryer on low; I know this yarn shrinks a bit.

And a scarf for charity, modeled by the Gothlet:


I’ve trimmed the fringe a bit since taking the picture (quick! get a photo before the light’s gone entirely!). It’s about 6 feet long, made from Webs’ Fantasia yarn (NZ mohair).

I thought this would be overly bright, but I had it at work yesterday, finishing it, and several co-workers really liked it. So hopefully others will too. It will be up for sale tomorrow as part of a fundraising event for breast cancer research, together with a few other things I’ve knit. I’m not sure about pricing. . . . you want it to sell, but you want the maximum amount for the charity. . . I’ll probably ask close to $20.

I may use this yarn again (this was a full skein, but I have a second) doing color stranding with a black yarn; I think it would look really cool in that setting.

Lastly, because you’ve missed them:

Friday evening flowers!


Mums mean it’s fall, eh?