Tall, dark, handsome and mysterious

Well, OK, so technically he is of average height. (Taller than me.) But the rest of it is certainly apropos.

My husband has forbidden me to picture or name him on this blog (though often you can see a good-looking guy escorting the lovely daughters in the photos if you look hard). But I can still wish him a happy birthday.

Even though it’s all about The Preteen (SHE certainly is certain that’s true), I need to tell you that my husband’s birthday is the day before my eldest daughter’s birthday. She was born the day after his 40th birthday (his second big present, after the J-200 guitar I gave him). I was SO determined that they should each have their own birthday; at my husband’s birthday dinner, I told no one that I was having early labor contractions.

After two hours of sleep, I woke up at 1 in the morning — in labor. But it wasn’t his birthday any more!  So there for mind over matter!

So happy birthday to the love of my life (a couple days late….but I wasn’t around a computer on the big day!)

Tomorrow I’ll show you what we WERE doing on the big day —

The Minnesota State Fair! (Why, what were you thinking?) And you’ll get to see his custom-made hand-knit present. As well as the Fern Lace Socks for The Preteen, which got done only a day late.

Here’s a birthday bouquet, dear one:


One response to “Tall, dark, handsome and mysterious

  1. What a wonderful story, but you poor thing to be suffering through contractions (and no doubt some significant excitement!) without telling anyone!

    Happy birthday to them both!!

    By the by, I received your lovely gift yesterday from a thoroughly befuddled husband. *grin*

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