Where’s the Knitting?

Here’s the knitting!

First, although I’m embarrassed since I’ve made so little progress, here’s Mystery Stole 3, getting close to the ‘wing’ part but not there yet:


But it’s posed on the blocking mats! Hooray! Here’s the picture before cropping, showing the mats better, and the blocking wires, and a photographer toe or two. For scale, these are two mats together, each about two feet in diameter.


Here’s a pair of fingerless gloves, out of the same yarn that I’m making a log cabin blanket out of. I got a suggestion to wash this slightly stiff and prickly yarn with conditioner. I was going to make a swatch and try it — but then decided to make something useful instead. (Have I washed them with conditioner yet? Well, no.)


They look better on, less like a pair of tubes.

Here’s a very soft and very bright bulky mohair scarf, which is knitting up incredibly fast. This will be for sale at an upcoming event to benefit breast cancer research.


Next up is a ballband dishcloth I’m making for my husband’s upcoming birthday. I will be making the mirror image dishcloth when I’m done with this one, black with white slipped stitches (kind of like that old Star Trek episode where everyone was in negative — some alternate universe or antimatter thing, I forget).


Call me weird, but I think the ‘back’ looks cool too!

I finished The Preteen’s first sock, my design, and am working on the second! Her birthday is in 4 days. Can I do it? I hope so! I think I can, I think I can. Dedicated knitting time coming up in the VERY near future will help!  Here ’tis, modeled by the birthday girl-to-be herself.


The progress has been slowed by the fact that I lost this sock for about 3 weeks. I am naturally optimistic and not unaccustomed to misplacing things, so I figured it would turn up but was starting to get worried. Then we ate at the new local sushi restaurant — which we had eaten at, oh, about three weeks earlier. The proprietor saw me come in and ran over with the sock! Apparently, it had fallen out of my bag when we ate there last time and she didn’t know my name, but knew we came in every so often so put it aside for me. Hooray! Hard to make progress on a sock you don’t have in your possession. Which reminds me, apparently I left sock #2 at work, so will have to go back and get it tonight before leaving tomorrow. Disorganized? Me? Why would you think that?

On the sock theme: the following socks were the second pair I ever made; or, I should say, the second pair I started. They’re two-at-a-time top down socks from a knitty pattern. I messed something up after turning the heel, put them down and then they got seriously packed away somehow. Ran into them several days ago (while looking for something else, of course). Fixed the boo-boo (it helps that I’m now more experienced in the wiles of socks) and knit another inch! Once I get the birthday and charity knitting done, I’ll work on these also — they have a simple but pretty lace pattern which you can’t see in the picture.


That enough knitting for you?

(And that’s not even close to all I have on the needles! Gah!)

Well, here’s some bonus yarn.

Repeat after me: “It’s Always A Good Day When Yarn Comes In The Mail!”

This came from Fearless Fibers on etsy:

This is: Aran weight merino in colorway “Hendrix” (love it!); sportweight superwash merino in colorway “Autumn Reflections”; 3 skeins of worsted weight alpaca/wool in colorway “Duck Season” (Deb threw in an extra skein, isn’t that wonderful? should make warm accessory wear for our frigid winters); and 1 skein of superwash merino fingering weight in colorway “Smoke”. Mmmm. I’m loving it. I need to figure out something very special to do with 420 yards of Hendrix.

Last, the traditional garden picture. You’re probably tired of echinacea by now, but this one looked like it was exploding.


3 responses to “Where’s the Knitting?

  1. Horseshoe lace on the preteen’s socks?
    (Love that lace!)

  2. That mystery stole is beautiful. What a great color choice!

  3. What a lot of fiber news! The stole looks GREAT. And the preteen is modeling that sock in a way that says she really likes it! Very funny about the sushi restaurant. Some of the older ladies that came into the LYS would say that murphy’s oil soap also softens scratchy yarn (but LYS owner would recommend the conditioner).

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